The Winter Snowballs were scattered and hidden throughout the entire game (Total 12 of them). If a player managed to find all 12 Snowballs, they will be rewarded with an exclusive pin-up picture of Mio. Finding each Snowball can be bypassed by spending 5 diamonds on one Snowball, or 60 diamonds for all of them by using the "Get'er Done" button.

Event Duration: 13 December - 25 December 2018

Rewards Edit

  • Exclusive Pin Up Picture of Mio.

Snowball Locations Edit

These may not be in order, they'll be checked one by one.

Ball #1 Edit

Ball #2 Edit

  • On the third page of Cassie's gift menu, centered above the items.

Ball #3 Edit

  • In Fumi's stats, between favorite job and favorite food.

Ball #4 Edit

  • Quill's beach date, between Lil Quill and the Crab (appears when you date her, not in the Memory Album).

Ball #5 Edit

  • Alpha's section of the Girls tab, over her microphone.

Ball #6 Edit

  • In Elle's lover photo (WILDCARD: Free Snowball for Steam/Konregate/Nutaku SFW Platforms).

Ball #7 Edit

  • On Luna's Encounter Photo in the Memory Album (lower left corner of the picture).

Ball #8 Edit

  • On Iro's movie date confirmation screen, over the movie screen (no date necessary).

Ball #9 Edit

  • On Karma's tab on the left (you do NOT need to unlock her).

Ball #10 Edit

  • In Eva's Sightseeing date, covering a mountain peak (appears when you date her, not in the Memory Album).

Ball #11 Edit

  • Bonnibel's section of the Girls tab, near her bellybutton (behind her dialog).

Ball #12 Edit

Gallery Edit

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