Achievements are earned through advancing Girls, Jobs, Hobbies and Miscellaneous. Every four achievements adds a time block, and each achievement will add 0.05 to the Bonus Multiplier, which will take effect once you reset. It is overall worth it to reset once you get to around the x4 or further mark. There are a total of 475 achievements (Include Darya, Charlotte, Monster Girls and Grave Digger).

Girl's Achievements Edit

Girl Name Requirement
Cassie So You're Saying There's A Chance Nuisance
Damn With Praise Frenemy
Hover Hand Acquaintance
High Five! Friendzone
Accidental Hand Holding Awkward Besties
Special Feelings Crush
Grew Three Sizes That Day Sweetheart
Ermegerd! Girlfriend
Tsundere Tamer Lover
Mio Player 2 Joins The Game Nuisance
Dropping Aggro Frenemy
Searching For Connection Acquaintance
Mio Wins! Friendship! Friendzone
Plug And Play Awkward Besties
Crush Crush Crushed Crush
Piece Of Heart Sweetheart
Heart Plus Plus Girlfriend
Digital Love Lover
Quill Cats Out Of The Bag Nuisance
I Can Has Forgiveness Frenemy
Pretty Kitty Acquaintance
Feline Friend Friendzone
Here Kitty Kitty Awkward Besties
Definitely A Cat Person Crush
Tummy Rubs Sweetheart
Purrrfect Girlfriend
Cat Scratch Fever Lover
Elle Too Many Big Words Nuisance
That's Nice Frenemy
Polite Banter Acquaintance
A Shoulder To Sleep On Friendzone
Loaded Silence Awkward Besties
Sweet Dreams Are Made On These Crush
Heart Shaped Pillow Sweetheart
Dreamy McSteamy Girlfriend
Panda Paws Lover
Nutaku Not A Subtle Romance Nuisance
Don't Overthink This Frenemy
A Touching Moment Acquaintance
You Got This Tiger Friendzone
Rough Awkward Besties
A Sure Thing Crush
Daddy Issues Sweetheart
Nymphomaniac Girlfriend
Knock On The Back Door Lover
Iro Love Hurts Nuisance
Sworn Frenemy Frenemy
We're Cool Acquaintance
In The Zone Friendzone
Awkward Laughter Awkward Besties
She'll Crush You Crush
Heart Of Gold Sweetheart
It's A Thing Girlfriend
Fierce Love Lover
Bonnibel Oh Bother Nuisance
Bitter Sweets Frenemy
Breath Mints Acquaintance
Candy Necklace Friendzone
Fresh Cookies Awkward Besties
Sweet On You Crush
Sweet-tarts Sweetheart
Chocolate Covered Girlfriend
Edible Underwear Lover
Ayano Notice Me, Senpai Nuisance
Can't Take My Eyes Off Frenemy
Blood Pumping Acquaintance
Outside Your Window Friendzone
Love Kills Awkward Besties
Made For You Crush
Thousand Yard Stare Sweetheart
Under The Sakura Blossoms Girlfriend
Forever And Ever Lover
Fumi Barbarous Introduction Nuisance
Dismissive Colloquialism Frenemy
Acceptable Restitution Acquaintance
Innocuous Campanionship Friendzone
Discombobulted Equanimity Awkward Besties
Cultivated Infatuation Crush
Delicious Affection Sweetheart
Bona Fide Appropriation Girlfriend
Amor Omnium Reus Lover
Bearverly I THINK YOU STINK! Nuisance
UNBEARABLE! Acquaintance
SWEET AS HONAY! Sweetheart
Nina Girl Friday Nuisance
Sassy Lass Frenemy
Impeccable Skills Acquaintance
Wild at Heart Friendzone
Dat Accent Awkward Besties
A Stout Heart Crush
Fiery Sweetheart
Occupational Hazard Girlfriend
Maid Of Honor Lover
Alpha Tis But A Scratch Nuisance
Roadie Potential Frenemy
Selfies Permitted Acquaintance
F-Zoned Friendzone
Aaaaawk-waaaard! Awkward Besties
Sappy Songs Crush
A Groupie Is You Sweetheart
VIP Pass Girlfriend
An Album Cover Lover
Pamu Inappropriate Nuisance
Keep Your Frenemies Closest Frenemy
Civil Acquaintance
You Ain't Got No Chance Friendzone
Blushing In Other Places Awkward Besties
The Real Kind Of Crush Crush
Naughty Talk Sweetheart
Magic With Benefits Girlfriend
Love Is A 4 Letter Word Lover
Luna Do You Believe in Magic? Nuisance
Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Frenemy
Roll For Initiative Acquaintance
Things Are Heating Up Friendzone
Dark Stuff Beyond Midnight Awkward Besties
An Arrow To The Navel Crush
Come Play My Lord Sweetheart
Love Slave Girlfriend
More Like Shabranig Do Me Lover
Eva Berserker Nuisance
The Hedgehog's Dilemma Frenemy
Genesis Acquaintance
You Mustn't Run Away Friendzone
Let's Just Be Friends Awkward Besties
Fly Me To The Moon Crush
Major Impact Sweetheart
Instrumental Girlfriend
All's Right With The World Lover
Karma Soft Curves Nuisance
Gunky Chakras Frenemy
Sexy Yoga Acquaintance
Love Mysteries Friendzone
Catwalk Mantra Awkward Besties
Cosmic Plan Crush
Free Your Mind Sweetheart
Face The Dark One Girlfriend
Sexy Inner Peace Lover
Sutra Build The Temple Nuisance
Don't Skip Leg Day Frenemy
Beneath The Waterfall Acquaintance
Find Beauty Friendzone
Abs Of Steel Awkward Besties
You Lift Crush
Hard Body Sweetheart
Shine On Crazy Diamond Girlfriend
Your Body Is Ready Lover
Dark One Tickle Me Emo Nuisance
Lay It On Gothic Frenemy
Paint It Black Acquaintance
Crawling In My Skin Friendzone
The Edge Of Madness Awkward Besties
The Palest Flesh Crush
Symphony Of Night Sweetheart
Walpurgisnacht Girlfriend
Heart Of Darkness Lover
QPernikiss Pamu Strikes Back! Nuisance
Dating The Tutorial Frenemy
Chibi No More Acquaintance
Wing And A Prayer Friendzone
Fairy Magic Awkward Besties
Love Lifts Us Up Crush
A Pinch Of Fairy Dust Sweetheart
That's The Power Of Love Girlfriend
The Final Choice Lover
Darya Thank You For Supporting Crush Crush! Nuisance
She's A Gem Frenemy
In The Rough Acquaintance
Sparkle Sparkle Friendzone
They're Minerals Awkward Besties
Girl's Best Friend Crush
Diamond Cutter Sweetheart
Lust-rous Girlfriend
Diamonds Are Forever Lover
Jelle Are You Ready For This Jelly? Nuisance
Don't Muck It Up Frenemy
No Prob Blob Acquaintance
Silly Puddy Friendzone
Drip Tease Awkward Besties
She Goooooo-reat Crush
Gunk In The Trunk Sweetheart
Oozing With Confidence Girlfriend
Slime Flies When You're Having Fun Lover
Quillzone You Want A Pizza Me? Nuisance
Don't Be A Weird-dough Frenemy
Slice To Make Your Acquaintance Acquaintance
More Fur Than Any Turtle Friendzone
It's A Pun For 'Calzone' Awkward Besties
This Is A Bit Cheesy Crush
Not Mushroom For Improvement Sweetheart
Now Things Are Getting Saucy Girlfriend
That's Amore Lover
Bon Chovy Poor Unfortunate Sole Nuisance
Don't Flounder Frenemy
Plenty Of Fish Acquaintance
Believe Fin Yourself Friendzone
Kraken Me Up Awkward Besties
Mer-Made For Each Other Crush
Scale Up The Affection Sweetheart
Undine Love Girlfriend
Octopuss... Lover
Spectrum Night Mare Nuisance
Neigh Sayer Frenemy
Horsing Around Acquaintance
Pony Up Friendzone
Playful Canter Awkward Besties
Unbridled Enthusiasm Crush
Such A Stud Sweetheart
Hot To Trot Girlfriend
Clop Clop Mofo Lover
Charlotte A Grave Misunderstanding Nuisance
Gothic Senorita Frenemy
Good Mourning Acquaintance
Eerie Deary Friendzone
Tears Of Joy Awkward Besties
Thrill Chill Crush
Black Black Heart Sweetheart
Misery Loves Company Girlfriend
Many Little Deaths Lover

Job Achievements Edit

Job Name Requirement
Fast Food Nice Buns Bun Toaster
Hydration Engineer Onion Rehydrator
Fursona Mascot
Earl Of Sandwich Sandwich Artist
Meat Master Burger Meister
Heat The Meat Meat Manager
Burger Baron Hambaron
Fryer Tuck Fry Franchiser
Lord Of The Meat Beef Chief
Restaurant What'll It Be Busser
At Your Service Waiter
Service With A Smile Server
Hipster Friendly Barista
Sud Slinger Bartender
Fancy Pants Garcon
The Face Of The Place Host
Genuine Class Maitre D
The Scheduler Shift Manager
Like A Boss Owner
Cleaning Clean Machine Janitor
Fancy Title Custodial Engineer
Swept Away Chief Sweeper
Fancier Title Vomitorius Maximus
Putting The Super In... Superintendant
Save Me From The Wee Turtles Groundskeeper
Time To Take Out The Trash Garbageman
Rest In Pieces Undertaker
Vacuum Sealed Hazmat Specialist
Heroes Of Disposal Bomb Disposal
Lifeguard Work On Your Tan Life Guard
Patrol The Sands Beach Patrol
Faster Better Stronger Harder Sexy Lifeguard
Patrol The Waves Surf And Protect
Tubular Descent Heli-Jumper
Search AND Rescue Search And Rescue
55% More Guardness Coast Guardian
Save Lives Get Paid Life Preserver
Who Needs A Bigger Boat Shark Puncher
Less? Nay More! Atlantean King
Art Pencil Jockey Artist
Sensitive Painter
Chiseled Sculptor
Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnnn! Composer
Pays Surprisingly Well Inventor
100000% More Pretense Virtuoso
Or Woman, Whatevs Renaissance Man
Fancy Words Artiste
The Fuel Of Great Art Hype Machine
Change The World Iconoclast
Computers Eat Sleep Code Programmer
Have A Banana IT Monkey
Neeeeeeerrrrd! Techie
Spank The Script Kiddes Hacker
Best Of The Best Engineer
There There Bby Computer Whisperer
Skynetiquete Cyberneticist
The Future Is Now! Futurist
How Does One Apply? Artificial Entity
That Escalated Quickly Singularity
Zoo Care For The Fuzzies Veterinarian
Cutest Job Ever Puppy Rescuer
Knitting Kittens Kitten Rehabilitator
Winking, Blinking, And Nod Bunny Saver
Meta Reference Red Panda Helper
Is Dees Mongooses? Love An Otter
Turtle Power! Sea Turtle Savior
Thhaaaaaannnkkk Yyooooouuuu Whale Guardian
Cure The Sadness Red Panda Lord
Do You Suppose Your Toes Are Bros? Ark Commandant
Hunting Big Dawg Bounty Hunter
Boba Fetch Mercenary
Epic Job Title Soldier Of Fortune
Or Hitperson, If You Prefer Hitman
Heh Heh... Ass Ass... Assassin
In Blackest Night Black-Ops
The Fewest, The Proudest... One Man Army
Ham Wisher Sliver Cell
Whoa The One
What? Chiroptera Hominin
Casino Know When To Hold 'Em Gambler
Funky Junkie Slot Junkie
Hit Me Black Jacker
Lucky Number 7's Dice Master
Sunglasses - Activate! Pro Poker Player
Critical Success! High Stakes Roller
The Luckiest Of Ducks! Lucky Duck
Definitely Definitely Good! Reign Man
A Sure Bet! Sports Almanac
Blow On The Dice! God Of Gamblers
Sports Go Long! Pro Athlete
A Goalie In Other Words Puck Catcher
Babe Baseball Hitter
Touch Down! Football Thrower
MMA The Force Be With You Face Puncher
The Endorsiest! Endorsement Getter
The Real MVP! Team Buyer
I Can Has Franchise?! Franchise Haver
Don't Die! Living Legend
Participation Award! Hall Of Famer
Legal Not The Airplane Jumping Kind Paralegal
Running Shoes Ambulance Chaser
Feeding Frenzy Lawyer
Please State For The Record State Attorney
These Are Your Stories! District Attorney
Not Attorney Specific! Attorney General
Throw The Book! The Law
Court is in Session! Supreme Justice
Yip Yip! Avatar Of Order.
Movies Consider A Second Job Actor
You Dib It! Award Winning Actor
Behind The Camera! Actor / Director
All The Difference! Award Winning Director
A True Visionary! Auteur
Your Own Wiki Page! Cinematic Legend
Fe na me na!! Phenomenon
No One Else Compares! The Last Celebrity
Burning Ball Of Gas! Literally A Star
Look it Up! Cao Guojiu
Space Ground Control To Major You Astronaut
To Boldly Date Starship Captain
Daisy.. Daisy... Star Child
Exciting As It Sounds... Space Surveyor
Call Me Ed... Star Searcher
Might Take A While... Infinite Explorer
Alright Alright Alright... Interstellar Commendant
Large And in Charge... Solar Emperor
More Like Snore-verlord Galactic Overlord
OP... Power Cosmic
Slaying Catch And Release Demon Hunter
Buff Ye For The Task Ahead Vampire Slayer
Burninating The Countryside Dragon Killer
Release The... You Kracken Kracker
No One Tosses A Titan! Titan Tosser
Cute Name, Scary Job Planet Buster
Do It Star Destroy-Doer
Can't Spell Diety Without D I E Diety Destroyer
How Many Can You Chuck? Chuck Slayer
ONE PUNCH! Everything Slayer
Love The Doctor Is In Love Doctor
Guru To The Stars Love Guru
Q-Piddy In The Hizouse Love Fairy
Love Conquers All Love God
Love Is The Right Of All Sentient Beings Loveicus Prime
The Love-inator Cupid
A Saucy Title Love Maker
We Need A Hang Glider... The Unity
Spelled Forward Or Backwards Eros
Amor Vincit Omnia Aphrodome
Wizard Do You Believe In Magic? Wizard
You're A Hairy Wizard Hairy Wizard
Very Very Very Hairy Wizard
Or Is It Philosopher? Sorcerer
More Is More More-cerer
It's Probably Latin Magus Awesomus
Leviosaaaaaa Grand Magus
Attack The Darkness! Archmage
Very Supportive Arch Archmage
The Magic Words Sorcerer Supremo
Grave Digger A job Most Macabre? Grave Digger
Domm Rooms Cemetary Dredger
Coffin All Day Burial Builder
Dead Ends Cemetary Settler
A Tisket A Casket Crypt Keeper
All That Remains Mausoleum Maker
Dead Tired Catacomb Crafter
R.I.P. In Peace Sepulcher Scooper
That's All Folks Ruin Revealer
The Anti-Raider Tomb Exhumer

Hobby Achievements Edit

Name Requirement Related Skill
You're Number 1! Reach level 1 in all hobbies. All Skills
You're So Talented Reach level 5 in all hobbies.
10 Out Of 10 Reach level 10 in all hobbies.
Jack Of All Trades Reach level 20 in all hobbies.
Large And In Charge Reach level 30 in all hobbies.
Master Of All Reach level 40 in all hobbies.
Magnificent Reach level 50 in all hobbies.
Can't spell sixty with S, X, Y Reach level 60 in all hobbies.
Lucky number 70 Reach level 70 in all hobbies.
Experienced Reach level 75 in all hobbies.
Do I Amuse You Unlock the Party hobby Funny
Pump You Up Unlock the Surfing hobby Buff
Hack The Internet Unlock the Gaming hobby Techsavvy
Love Me Tender Unlock the Sketching hobby Tenderness
Montage Time Unlock the Protesting hobby Motivation
Brains Over Brawn Unlock the University hobby Smart
Bad Boy / Girl / Other Unlock the Bow Hunting hobby Badass
Up All Night To Get Lucky Unlock the Sky Diving hobby Lucky
The Big Bang Unlock the Brooding hobby Angst
Look Within Unlock the Meditation hobby Wisdom
Who Was That Masked... marshmallow? Unlock the Vigilantism hobby Mysterious

Miscellaneous Achievements Edit

Category Name Requirement
Playtime Speed Dating Play for 15 min.
Power Hour Play for 1 hour.
Work Day Play for 8 hours.
Bauer Hours Play for 24 hours.
Dawn Of The Third Day Play for 72 hours.
Overtime Play for 150 hours.
AAA Length Play for 333 hours.
28 Days Later Play for 672 hours.
Patience Play for 888 hours.
Long Term Relationship Play for 1111 hours.
1 Day On Mercury Play for 4222 hours.
1 Year On Venus Play for 5832 hours.
Put A Ring On It Play for a year.
Money - Lifetime All About The Benjamin Earn a lifetime total of $100 dollars.
10K 4 U Earn a lifetime total of $10,000.
Millionaire! Earn a lifetime total of $1,000,000.
Moving On Up Earn a lifetime total of $100,000,000.
Slush Funds Earn a lifetime total of $10,000,000,000.
The Implication Earn a lifetime total of $1,000,000,000,000.
So Much Money Earn a lifetime total of $100,000,000,000,000.
Work/Life Balance Earn a lifetime total of $10,000,000,000,000,000.
About Sending A Message Earn a lifetime total of $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.
You're Rich Earn a lifetime total of $100,000,000,000,000,000,000.
Money - Current In The Bank! Have $1,000,000 in the bank.
Stack'em High Have $100,000,000 in the bank.
Rolling In Dough Have $10,000,000,000 in the bank.
Making It Rain Have $1,000,000,000,000 in the bank.
Wow, That's A Lot Of Money Have $100,000,000,000,000 in the bank.
Basically Meaningless Have $10,000,000,000,000,000 in the bank.
All The Moneys Have $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the bank.
Quite The Capitalist Have $100,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the bank.
Dates Date-able Go on a total of 10 Dates.
Date Date Revolution Go on a total of 100 Dates.
The Great Dater Go on a total of 1000 Dates.
Dating Machine Go on a total of 10000 Dates.
Date-a-mancer Go on a total of 100000 Dates.
Gifts Modest Give a total of 10 Gifts.
Generous Give a total of 100 Gifts.
Lavish Give a total of 1000 Gifts.
Magnanimous Give a total of 10000 Gifts.
OG Give a total of 100000 Gifts.
Hearts <3<3<3 Tap for a total of 100 hearts.
Special Feelings Tap for a total of 1000 hearts.
Affectionate Tap for a total of 10000 hearts.
Valentines Tap for a total of 100000 hearts.
Beloved Tap for a total of 1000000 hearts.
Casanova Tap for a total of 10000000 hearts.
Tap That Tap for a total of 100000000 hearts.
Ace Of Hearts Tap for a total of 1000000000 hearts.
Ending The Crusher Has Become The Crushed You sacrificed yourself to save the world!
Crush Crushed You let someone sacrificed herself to save the world!
??? Credit Where It's Due You didn't skip the credits! Kudos!
Event: Smoothest Launch Evar Pre-register for Crush Crush, or log in during the first week of Crush Crush being available.
Reset Boost Futile Reset for no bonus
One Step Back Earn 64 Reset Boost
Two Steps Forward Earn 128 Reset Boost
Back To The Past Earn 256 Reset Boost
Be Excellent To Each Other Earn 512 Reset Boost
Groundhog Effect Earn 1024 Reset Boost
Time Lord Earn 2048 Reset Boost

Notes Edit

  • [v0.95] Fumi's Lover Achievement has been changed to "Amor Omnium Reus" instead of "Amor Vincit Omnia" to prevent the Achievement Clashing on Lover Job achievement and Fumi Lover Achievement. On Steam the achievement for Fumi somehow isn't changed yet.
  • Smoothest Launch Evar achievement gives you to unlock Lingerie Outfit for All Girls in
  • In the Kongregate version of the game there is not the Event: Smoothest Launch Evar achievement. Also, the Reset Boost achievements are not visible in the Kongregate version, although the 410 number would imply they are counted.