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Achievements are earned by progressing in the game. Relationship Achievements earn different numbers of diamonds. Each achievement also earns 0.05 Reset Boost. Every 5 achievements earns you a time block.

For Crush Crush Achievements, go here.

Note: More Achievements will be available as content is added to the game.

Relationship Progress Achievements[]

Main Cast[]

Achievements nimh3
Name Nimh Requirements Diamond Reward
Hare Raising Acquaintance 1 Diamond
What's Up Doc Frenemy 1 Diamond
Pulled Out Of A Hat Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Good Hare Day Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Broken Heart Crush 1 Diamond
Timid Creature Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Sweetheart Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Lover Boy Lover 1 Diamond
Like Rabbits... Lover+1 3 Diamonds
The Rabbit Habit Lover+5 1 Diamond
Some Bunny To Love Lover+10 1 Diamond
Lettuce Date Lover+20 1 Diamond
Hot Buns Lover+30 1 Diamond
Ear-resistible Lover+40 1 Diamond
Hey There Hop-stuff Lover+50 1 Diamond
Twitchy Nose Lover+60 1 Diamond
Hop-timus Prime Lover+70 1 Diamond
24 Carrot Ring Lover+80 1 Diamond
Bunnymoon Lover+90 1 Diamond
Soft Boy Supreme Lover+100 3 Diamonds
Note: There is no Achievement for unlocking Nimh.

Achievements volks3
Name Volks Requirements Diamond Reward
Lone Wolf Unlock
Cry Wolf Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Great Big Eyes Frenemy 1 Diamond
In Sheep's Clothing Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Wolf It Down Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Hungry Like The Wolf Crush 1 Diamond
Great Big Teeth Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Howl Boyfriend 1 Diamond
All The Better To Eat You Lover 1 Diamond
The Big Bad Wolf Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Aware Wolf Lover+5 1 Diamond
Pack It In Lover+10 1 Diamond
Howlarious Lover+20 1 Diamond
Sheep's Clothing Lover+30 1 Diamond
Full Moon Lover+40 1 Diamond
White Fang-tastic Lover+50 1 Diamond
Wild At Heart Lover+60 1 Diamond
Share-wolf Lover+70 1 Diamond
Untamed Lover+80 1 Diamond
Dances With Wolf Lover+90 1 Diamond
I Wolves You Lover+100 3 Diamonds

Achievements kelby3
Name Kelby Requirements Diamond Reward
Sports Fan Unlock
Hustle Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Athletic Achievement Frenemy 1 Diamond
Romance On The Field Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Make A Pass Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
40 - Love Crush 1 Diamond
World Record Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Game Point Boyfriend 1 Diamond
You Shoot You Score Lover 1 Diamond
Your Biggest Fan Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Thicc Chicken Lover+5 1 Diamond
Eggs-ellent Lover+10 1 Diamond
The Big Bucks Lover+20 1 Diamond
Cross Roads Lover+30 1 Diamond
Fowl Play Lover+40 1 Diamond
Talk Is Cheep Lover+50 1 Diamond
Poultry In Motion Lover+60 1 Diamond
Spring Chicken Lover+70 1 Diamond
Fly The Coop Lover+80 1 Diamond
Chicken Strips Lover+90 1 Diamond
Nobody Calls Me Chicken Lover+100 3 Diamonds

Achievements eli3
Name Eli Requirements Diamond Reward
Putting Fab in Fabulous Unlock
Pony Boy Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Rainbow Smash Frenemy 1 Diamond
Gay Old Time Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Fierce Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Amaaaaaazing! Crush 1 Diamond
Kiss Kiss Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Love Love Love Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Eli Eli Oh! Lover 1 Diamond
Sparkles For Everyone Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Triple Rainbows Lover+5 1 Diamond
Delicious Lover+10 1 Diamond
Dangerously Fabulous Lover+20 1 Diamond
Prance With Me Lover+30 1 Diamond
Saddle Up Lover+40 1 Diamond
Lil Nibbles Lover+50 1 Diamond
Neat Meat Lover+60 1 Diamond
Magical! Lover+70 1 Diamond
OWO Lover+80 1 Diamond
Noice! Lover+90 1 Diamond
Glitter Bomb Lover+100 3 Diamonds

Achievements anon3
Name Anon Requirements Diamond Reward
Script Kiddie Unlock
All Your Base Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Sexy Lilt Frenemy 1 Diamond
Screen Time Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Password Denied Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Anony-mouse Crush 1 Diamond
Slacker Hacker Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Selfie Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Cut The Cord Lover 1 Diamond
Boolean Love True Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Dreamy Lemur Lover+5 1 Diamond
Level Up Lover+10 1 Diamond
Can You Hack It? Lover+20 1 Diamond
Chic Geek Lover+30 1 Diamond
Tech Support Lover+40 1 Diamond
Legion Lover+50 1 Diamond
Distributed Display Lover+60 1 Diamond
Rank Up Lover+70 1 Diamond
Dreamy Lemur - Pi Lover+80 1 Diamond
Legendary Difficulty Lover+90 1 Diamond
Final Achievement Lover+100 3 Diamonds

Achievements garret3
Name Garret Requirements Diamond Reward
Mountain Man! Unlock
You Are The Goodest Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Garret Achievement 3 Frenemy 1 Diamond
Well Done Sexy Person Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Garret Is Proud Of You Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Look At You Go Crush 1 Diamond
Tame The Ox Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Garret Thinks You're Neato Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Garret Achievement Again Lover 1 Diamond
You Have Captured His Heart Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Have A Cow Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Raise The Steaks Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Adore-A-Bull Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Deja Moo Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Udderly In Love Lover+40 2 Diamonds
I Herd That Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Pasture Bedtime Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Gives You Wings? Lover+70 2 Diamonds
Bull-derdash Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Charging Ahead Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Love-a-Bull Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements dmitri3
Name Dmitri Requirements Diamond Reward
Never A Boaring Moment Unlock
Porker Face Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Ham It Up Frenemy 1 Diamond
Pork Bun Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Hogs And Kisses Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Bacon And Legs Crush 1 Diamond
Glass Of Swine Sweetheart 1 Diamond
My Little Pork Chop Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Make You Squeal Lover 1 Diamond
Kind Of A Pig Deal Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Suave Swine Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Your Little Pork Chop Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Hogwash! Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Piggy Bank On It Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Ready Or Snout Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Rooting For You Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Piggy In A Blanket Lover+60 2 Diamonds
The Real Babe Lover+70 2 Diamonds
Grinny Pig Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Bring Home The Bacon Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Love You - Pig Time Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements ichiban3
Name Ichiban Requirements Diamond Reward
Am I A Cat? Unlock
Burning Bright Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Anger Compilation Frenemy 1 Diamond
You're GREEEAAT! Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Pounce That Bell Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Trending Crush 1 Diamond
Number One Sweetheart 1 Diamond
You Love You Lose Boyfriend 1 Diamond
WINfluencer Lover 1 Diamond
You Are The BOSS! Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Strawberry Tiger Lover+5 2 Diamonds
He Ain't Lion Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Meme Machine Lover+20 2 Diamonds
You're Kitten Me Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Fang-tastic Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Stay Paw-sitive Lover+50 2 Diamonds
I Knead You Lover+60 2 Diamonds
I Like Your Cat-titude Lover+70 2 Diamonds
A Tiger Would Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Man Mastering Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Purr-fect Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements william3
Name William Requirements Diamond Reward
Feeling Sheepish Unlock
The Vet Needs A Vet Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Locking Horns Frenemy 1 Diamond
Where There's A Will Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Not Baa'd Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Black Sheep Of The Family Crush 1 Diamond
Pull The Wool Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Grab Life By The Horns Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Ewe Complete Me Lover 1 Diamond
Greatest Of All Time? Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Come On And Ram Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Baby Don't Herd Me Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Sheep Of Your Heart Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Flock To You Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Life And Lamb Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Shear Force Of Will Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Never Butt Heads Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Wool You Stay With Me Lover+70 2 Diamonds
Ramming Speed! Lover+80 2 Diamonds
He's Got It Baa-d Lover+90 2 Diamonds
The Full Ram-ifications Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements myx3
Name Myx Requirements Diamond Reward
Chinchill-out Unlock
Mouse In The House Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Fuzzy Feelings Frenemy 1 Diamond
Friendo Crescendo Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Go With The Flow Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Band Together Crush 1 Diamond
Drop The Beat Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Tasty Jam Boyfriend 1 Diamond
That's A Rap Lover 1 Diamond
You're A Rockstar Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Myx Master Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Spicy Lyrics Lover+10 2 Diamonds
New Album Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Heart To Heart Tour Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Unicorn Laser Show Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Redefine Cool Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Butterflies In My Eyes Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Shred Head Lover+70 2 Diamonds
It Goes Like This Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Take Me On Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Don't You Know (I Love You) Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements stirling3
Name Stirling Requirements Diamond Reward
Sssucks To Be Him Unlock
No Heartbeat Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Cold As Ice Frenemy 1 Diamond
Bloody Tears Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Heart Stakes Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Figure Eight Crush 1 Diamond
Vampire Fire Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Skate Your Heart Out Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Fangs For Everything Lover 1 Diamond
Immortal Beloved Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Can't Stop Coffin Lover+5 3 Diamonds
High Stakes Relationship Lover+10 3 Diamonds
Pain In The Neck Lover+20 3 Diamonds
Undead Sexy Lover+30 3 Diamonds
Cryptic Relationship Lover+40 3 Diamonds
Grave Concerns Lover+50 3 Diamonds
Breaking Dawn Lover+60 3 Diamonds
Gothic Valentine Lover+70 3 Diamonds
You're So Vein Lover+80 3 Diamonds
Creature Of The Night Lover+90 3 Diamonds
Vampire Slayer Lover+100 9 Diamonds

Achievements scale3
Name Scale Requirements Diamond Reward
Boss Fight Unlock
Dragon On Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Ninja Run Frenemy 1 Diamond
Finish Him! Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Reluctant Dragon Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Tip The Scale Crush 1 Diamond
Dragon Heart Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Dragon Tail Boyfriend 1 Diamond
How To Tame Your Lover Lover 1 Diamond
Dragon Balls Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Wind Beneath My Wings Lover+5 3 Diamonds
Killer Thriller Lover+10 3 Diamonds
#1 Hit-Man Lover+20 3 Diamonds
Sneak-King Lover+30 3 Diamonds
Assassin's Creme De La Creme Lover+40 3 Diamonds
Butt Squared Lover+50 3 Diamonds
Heart Ninja Lover+60 3 Diamonds
Love On The Battlefield Lover+70 3 Diamonds
That's How I Roll For Damage Lover+80 3 Diamonds
Strike From The Shadows Lover+90 3 Diamonds
Rogues Do It From Behind Lover+100 9 Diamonds

Event/Purchased Characters[]

Achievements sven3
Name Sven Requirements Diamond Reward
Gotta Go Fast Unlock
Language Barrier Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Hedge Your Bets Frenemy 1 Diamond
Exotic Accent Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Breakfast Danish Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Special Feelings Crush 1 Diamond
Fanfiction Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Ship It Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Fastest "Thing" Alive Lover 1 Diamond
Gold Rings Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Speed Run Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Level 10 Army Lover+10 2 Diamonds
A Fine Craft Lover+20 2 Diamonds
He's A Good Egg, Man Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Nostalgic Gaming Reference Lover+40 2 Diamonds
A Grand Saga Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Any Percent Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Battle Cry Lover+70 2 Diamonds
Wow Still Going? Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Hedgehog's Dilemma Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Frankly Ridiculous Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements cole3
Name Cole Requirements Diamond Reward
Plunge Into Danger Unlock
Think Like a Killer Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Paws and Reflect Frenemy 1 Diamond
Can't Change His Spots Friendzoned 1 Diamond
A Sinking Feline Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Quieter Methods Crush 1 Diamond
If I Can't Have You Sweetheart 1 Diamond
A Purr-fect Match Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Til Death Parts Us Lover 1 Diamond
Only Just Cat-Scratched the Surface Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Darker Instincts Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Codependency! Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Watcher in the Night Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Love Me More Lover+30 2 Diamonds
One and Only Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Seriously Toxic Relationship Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Got My Claws in You Lover+60 2 Diamonds
A Little Territorial Lover+70 2 Diamonds
I Fear How Much I Love You Lover+80 2 Diamonds
We'll Show Them All Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Together Forever. And Ever. And Ever. Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements poe3
Name Poe Requirements Diamond Reward
Free Soup Unlock
Fowl Language Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Cool Story Poe Frenemy 1 Diamond
That's So Magpie! Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Misery's Company Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Two for Joy Crush 1 Diamond
A Gothic Romance Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Strang and Unusual Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Low Key in Love Lover 1 Diamond
Grave New World Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Five for Silver Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Anatomical Heart Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Free as a Word Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Without the Foreshadow of a Doubt Lover+30 2 Diamonds
In the Poem of your Hand Lover+40 2 Diamonds
50 Shades of Black Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Rhymes of Passion Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Uncanny Feelings Lover+70 2 Diamonds
All You Need Is Lovecraft Lover+80 2 Diamonds
The Sublime Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Forevermore Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements cashew3
Name Cashew Requirements Diamond Reward
Tough Nut To Crack Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Knock On Wood Frenemy 1 Diamond
Hokey Smokey! Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Acorn-y Pickup Line Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Kiss By The Book Crush 1 Diamond
Can Squirrels Read? Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Nuts About You Boyfriend 1 Diamond
On The Same Page Lover 1 Diamond
The Next Chapter Lover+1 3 Diamonds
An Awfully Big Adventure Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Library Lover Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Bookworm Baby Lover+20 2 Diamonds
True Love's Trail Mix Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Forever And A Date Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Insert Famous Literary Quote Here Lover+50 2 Diamonds
I Walnut Ever Leave You Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Love Makes A Treehouse A Home Lover+70 2 Diamonds
A Long And Fruitful Love Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Time To Tie The Nut? Lover+90 2 Diamonds
For Cashew Butter Of Worse Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements seth3
Name Seth Requirements Diamond Reward
Hot Dog! Unlock
Fire Hydrants And Brimstone Acquaintance 1 Diamond
To Hell With It Frenemy 1 Diamond
Hot Under The Collar Friendzoned 1 Diamond
A Handsome Devil Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Guilty Pleasures Crush 1 Diamond
Face Your Demons Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Hell In A Handbasket Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Living In Sin Lover 1 Diamond
Hell On High Water Lover+1 3 Diamonds
All Fired Up Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Fool's Paradise Lover+10 2 Diamonds
Devil May Care Lover+20 2 Diamonds
Love-Heat Relationship Lover+30 2 Diamonds
A Match Made In Hell Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Sin Together, Stay Together Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Root Of All Evil Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Sweet Perdition Lover+70 2 Diamonds
9 Circles of Commitment Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Flame Grilled Perfection Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Eternal Damnation Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements logan3
Name Logan Requirements Diamond Reward
Life's A Beach Unlock
Dip Your Toe In The Water Acquaintance 1 Diamond
The Coast is Clear Frenemy 1 Diamond
Water Over the Bridge Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Warming Up Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Where There's Smoke Crush 1 Diamond
Sparks Fly Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Friendship Caught Fire Boyfriend 1 Diamond
This Is Not A Drill Lover 1 Diamond
We Have A Match Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Only You... Can Prevent Heartbreak Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Carry A Torch Lover+10 2 Diamonds
In Safe Hands Lover+20 2 Diamonds
A Hunk of Burning Love Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Like Wildfire Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Hot and Heavy Lover+50 2 Diamonds
Lights and Sirens Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Burn, Baby, Burn Lover+70 2 Diamonds
All You Need Is A Fire Extinguisher Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Love Me Tinder, Love Me True Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Fireproof Love Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Achievements reece3
Name Reece Requirements Diamond Reward
Distress Signal First Responder Unlock
All Toebeans Acquaintance 1 Diamond
Interstellar Zoomies Frenemy 1 Diamond
Transmeowgrification Friendzoned 1 Diamond
Not-Quite-Fixed Point Awkward Besties 1 Diamond
Blep Crush 1 Diamond
Butt Wiggle Sweetheart 1 Diamond
Making Biscuits Boyfriend 1 Diamond
Cat Got Your Heart Lover 1 Diamond
Greatest Of All Time (And Space) Lover+1 3 Diamonds
Screwdriver Savant Lover+5 2 Diamonds
Aim for the Moon, Land in the Stars Lover+10 2 Diamonds
More Love than One Heart can Hold Lover+20 2 Diamonds
88 MPH Lover+30 2 Diamonds
Passion Paradox Lover+40 2 Diamonds
Sexytimes Loop Lover+50 2 Diamonds
British Invasion -- Now With Aliens! Lover+60 2 Diamonds
Hitchhiking Hottie Lover+70 2 Diamonds
Magnificent Men and Where to Find Them Lover+80 2 Diamonds
Phone Booth Philanderer Lover+90 2 Diamonds
Marshmallow and Reece's Excellent Adventure Lover+100 6 Diamonds

Job Achievements[]

Achievements Sew Pro
Name Requirements
Sew Good
Stitch Kitsch Knit Wit
Sew Show Moderate Modiste
Weaver Fever Tailor
Seam Dreamer Chic Outfitter
Broider Roider Backstitch Expert
Bind Mind Couturier
Head Threader Notch Maker
Fiber Scriber Dream Weaver
Sailor Tailor The Fashion
Note: There is no Achievement for unlocking the 'Seamstress' job.

Achievements Musician
Name Requirements
Beyond Karaoke Night Karaoke Jockey
Bass Player Bar Busker
Drummer Talent Show Champion
Lead Guitar Garage Bander
Lead Singer Internet Sensation
Chart Topper Lead Singer
Concertmaster Band Leader
Greatest Hits Celebrated Composer
Hall Of Fame Virtuoso
Rock God Rock Star

Achievements Baker
Name Requirements
Sugar Sugar Senior Baker
Cookie Crafter Cookie Maker
Cake Maker Sugar Shaker
Croissant Crafter Oatmeal Quaker
Danish Fashioner Cupcake Muncher
Pie Producer Pro Dough Puncher
Éclair Author Coconut Cruncher
Macaron Constructor Banana Bread Buncher
Strudel Ruler Flour Ward
Baked Yeast Lord

Achievements Maid
Name Requirements
Dust Buster Duster Buster
Clean Bubble Scrubber
Tidy Commander Clean
Fresh Dirt Averter
Spotless Grime Guardian
Sparkly Tidy Up Titan
Polished Super Servant
Bright Hygienic Hierophant
Flawless The Fresh Maker
Immaculate The Kick Butler

Achievements Nurse
Name Requirements
Bed Pans Ready Registered Nurse
Care Giver Resident
Care Deliver Doctor On Call
Care Granter Plastic Surgeon
Care Launcher Gastroenterologist
Care Dispenser Endocrinologist
Care Maker Oncologist
Care Minister Brain Surgeon
Care President Chief Physician
Care Bear Surgeon General

Achievements Coffee Barista
Name Requirements
9-5 Grind Grinder Minder
Brew Noob Pot Preparer
Brew Beginner Bean Dean
Brew Crew Café Commando
Brew Adept Cappuccino Captain
Brewster Affogato Ace
Brew Master Macchiato Master
Brew King Latte Lord
Brew God Espresso Emperor
Brewtimus Prime The Ground God

Achievements Teacher
Name Requirements
The Calling Great Guide
Teacher Endearing Educator
Tutor Tremendous Tutor
Mentor Lofty Lecturer
Guide Impressive Instructor
Instructor Life Coach
Lecturer Perfect Professor
Professor Brawler Scholar
Scholar Dashing Dean
Tenure The Headmaster

Achievements Streamer
Name Requirements
But Can You Do This? Glitch Hunter
Stream Pro Gamer
Stream Dream Battle Arena Expert
Stream Scream MMO Master
Stream Scheme Battle Royalty
Stream Esteem Speed Runner
Stream Team Rush Master
Stream Redeem 1st First Person Shooter
Stream Regime Oasis Basis
Stream Extreme Smash God

Achievements Writer
Name Requirements
Adequate Pretension Columnist
Good With Words Freelancer
Great With Words Editor
Skilled With Words Journalist
Versatile With Terms Novelist
Extraordinary With Vocabulary Author
Proficient With Language Biographer
Accomplished With Terminology Screenwriter
Adroit With Morphemes Poet Who Knows It
Remarkable With Nomenclature Video Game Writer

Achievements Pit Mechanic
Name Requirements
Wrench In Motion Grease Monkey
Pit Crew Spoiler Straightener
Tires Swapped Tire Threader
Radiator Cleared Gas Jockey
Windshield Wiped Pit Boss
Suspension Set Engine Technician
Brake Pads Replaced Aerodynamics Advisor
Spoiler Adjusted Rocket Scientist
Parachute Patched Chief Engineer
1.923 Seconds Speed Demon

Achievements Politician
Name Requirements
Vox Populi Village Elder
Lying Liar Town Mayor
Pants On Fire City Councilor
B.S. Specialist Minister
Cock And Bull Member of Parliament
Leg Puller Governor
Tale Spinner Senator
Equivocator Congressperson
Truthiness President
Presidential Emperor

Achievements Pharmacist
Name Requirements
White Coat Donned Pill Pusher
Just Like A Pill Salve Seller
Safety Cap Ointment Deployer
Punch Pack Remedy Recommender
Cotton Balls Cream Creator
Flavored Coating Cough Syrup Savior
Fast Acting Lozenges Lord
Long Lasting Medication Maker
Automatic Refills Antidote Ace
Love Rx The Pharmaceutical

Achievements Florist
Name Requirements
Gloves In Hand Petal Pusher
Stem Trimming Vase Stuffer
Thorn Plucking Corsage Creator
Seed Planting Bouquet Maker
Weed Killing Biedermeier Meister
Bow Tying Nosegay Noble
Ribbon Curling Pomander President
Vase Polishing Arrangement Artist
Valentine Inventing Macy Day Master
Rose Smelling The Flower Power

Achievements Cryptominer
Name Requirements
GPU - Online Digital Digger
Bit By Bit Currency Carter
Coinage Script Shoveler
Double Spend Data Dredger
Wallet Clip Spam Sifter
Full Node Binary Borer
Cold Storage Cache Quarry
Market Master Trade Crusader
Blockchain Baron Encryption Excavator
Satoshi Nakamoto The Crypto Keeper

Achievements Fundraiser
Name Requirements
Alms For The Poor Insistent Assistant
Charity Case Charity Chaser
Non-Profit Altruist Activist
Altruist Relief Chief
Philanthropist Generous Giver
Humanitarian Donation Vocation
Pure Heart Endow Vow
Magnanimous Contribution Solution
The Benevolent Beautiful Benefactor
All Loving The Philanthropist

Achievements Farmer
Name Requirements
In The Dell Grower Shower
Pull The Weeds Garden Guru
Till The Earth Till Tender
Plant The Seeds Branch Rancher
Water The Crops Harvest Loon
Harvest The Grain Agriculturalist
Grind The Flour Plant Enchanter
Bake The Bread Sweeper Reaper
Eat The Spoils Cosmic Cultivator
Reap What You Sow The Green Thumb

Name Requirements
Eye for Detail Magnifying Glass Polisher
  • Received upon purchase of Cole DLC.
Decode This Field Note Proofreader
Whodunit? Weird Smudge Examiner
Hardly a Hardy Amateur Sleuth
Red String and Thumbtacks Evidence Arranger
Mystery City Crime Scene Photographer
Pretty Sus Alibi Decipherer
Riddle Me This Deductive Reasoner
Crimestopper Forensic Specialist
Donned the Deerstalker Sherlock Holmes

Hobby Achievements[]

Achievements Smart
Name Requirements
Smart Level 10
Intelligent Level 35
Genius Level 70

Achievements Guts
Name Requirements
Brave Level 10
Courageous Level 35
Heroic Level 70

Achievements Healthy
Name Requirements
Fit Level 10
Muscley Arms Level 35
Swole Level 70

Achievements Outgoing
Name Requirements
Cordial Level 10
Congenial Level 35
Charismatic Level 70

Achievements Gamer
Name Requirements
Scrub Level 10
Got Good Level 35
Got Gooder Level 70

Achievements Caring
Name Requirements
Rare Rapport Level 10
Awesome Affinity Level 35
Passionate Compassion Level 70

Achievements Passionate
Name Requirements
Steamy Level 10
Sultry Level 35
Intense Level 70

Achievements Confidence
Name Requirements
Sure Level 10
Bold Level 35
Fearless Level 70

Achievements Peaceful
Name Requirements
Tranquil Heart Level 10
Calm Mind Level 35
Placid Soul Level 70

Achievements Creative
Name Requirements
Inventive Level 10
Prolific Level 35
Visionary Level 70

Achievements Disciplined
Name Requirements
Focused Level 10
Resolved Level 35
Determination Level 70

Achievements Observant
Name Requirements
Keen Eye Level 10
Perceptive Level 35
Discerning Level 70

Achievements All Hobbies
Name Requirements
Jack of All Trades Reach level 5 in all hobbies
King of All Trades Reach level 10 in all hobbies
General Expert Reach level 20 in all hobbies
Skilled Reach level 30 in all hobbies
Ultra Skilled Reach level 40 in all hobbies
Consumate Professional Reach level 50 in all hobbies
Ace of All Trades Reach level 60 in all hobbies
Renaissance-er Reach level 70 in all hobbies

Miscellaneous Achievements[]

Achievements Cash
Name Requirements
Chump Change Save up $10,000 in cash
100 Million Cents Save up $1,000,000 in cash
Billionaire Club Save up $1,000,000,000 in cash
Dolla Dolla Bills Save up $1,000,000,000,000 in cash
Make It Rain Save up $1,000,000,000,000,000 in cash

Achievements Time
Name Requirements
Dawn Of The First Day Play for one day
Long Weekend Play for three days
Week-ling Play for one week
Flava Of The Month Play for one month
Happy Anniversary Play for one year

Achievements Hearts
Name Requirements
Triple Digits Go on a total of 100 dates
Kilo-dater Go on a total of 1,000 dates
Right Swiper Go on a total of 10,000 dates
The Great Dater Go on a total of 100,000 dates
The Greater Dater Go on a total of 1,000,000 dates

Achievements Hearts
Name Requirements
Sweet Heart Earn a total of 100,000 hearts
Heart Throb Earn a total of 10,000,000 hearts
Whole Heartedly Earn a total of 1,000,000,000 hearts
Where The Heart Is Earn a total of 100,000,000,000 hearts
Ace of Hearts Earn a total of 10,000,000,000,000 hearts

Achievements Unlock
Name Requirements
Polo Team Unlock 4 Manimals
Softball Team Unlock 8 Manimals
Football Team & Coach Unlock 12 Manimals

Achievements Gifts
Name Requirements
Gift Giver Give a total of 1,000 gifts
Generous Heart Give a total of 50,000 gifts
Present President Give a total of 1,000,000 gifts
The Giver Give a total of 50,000,000 gifts
The Santa Clause Give a total of 100,000,000 gifts

Achievements Volks Date
Name Requirements
How Much Does A Wolf Weigh? Go on a coffee date with Volks
Come Here Often? Go on 10 coffee dates with Volks
Can't Get Enough Go on 100 coffee dates with Volks
Where Did The Time Go? Spend 1 hour at the coffee shop with Volks
All The Affection 100% your coffee date with Volks
Blush, Boi, Blush! Make Volks blush
Wolf Song Make Volks sing


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