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The Cake Quest event is an Event in which you have to find hidden cakes. Finding all the cakes will reward the player with an Exclusive Pin-Up image of Bonnibel. It's running from January 24, 2019 to January 31, 2019.

Cake Locations[]

  1. On the status screen on the left when you turn off all jobs.
  2. In Mio's Stats window on top of her Fav Food—Cheesecake.
  3. On Nutaku's 'crushed' picture in the Memory Album.
  4. Confirmation window when gifting a Cake to Iro.
  5. In the Achievements tab, on the Restaurant achievement (on top of a smaller cake).
  6. On Bonnibel's 'crushed' picture in the Memory Album.
  7. Above the Crab while taking Elle to the Beach.
  8. In the Store tab, on the Darya Bundle.
  9. Over Eva's portrait when you click on it. 
  10. On your avatar Woman-picture in the Stats tab.
  11. On confirm screen when buying 1 Time Block in the Store. No purchase necessary, but having enough diamonds to make a purchase IS necessary.
  12. In Settings, below Japan's flag when changing the localization to any language other than English (Or Japanese for non-Steam Platform). May be necessary to close and reopen the Settings window.