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Cassia is an exclusive girl that can be obtained from the Spooky Event 2022.

Dialogue List[]

First Meeting[]

  1. Our hero has been summoned by the illustrious Doctor Wood back to the lab to help with a brand new Monster Girl. "Bring a broom wish you," Doctor Wood advises before hanging up.
  2. Broom in hand you arrive, only to see the most beautiful mummy - sorry, Monster Girl you've ever seen.
  3. Attention to anything else - CRUSHED!
  4. You think Doctor Wood might be saying something about sand in uncomfortable places. How could anything else matter with this beautiful creature in front of you!?


  • (The two of you lock eyes. Her stare is so intense it almost burns! She probably wins every staring contest she enters.)


  • (After a while of watching her, you note "Walking Like an Egyptian" is nothing to really write a song about.)
  • (After a few frustrating minutes you realize that she is not going to leave the lab with you. Your next discovery is that she is very light! Which is good because you have to carry her home.)
  • (She stands with her arms straight out in front of her. You wait a moment and then give her a high five? She glares at you.)
  • (She sees you tying your shoes and thinks you're going to need some lessons. Your knotwork is far below her expectations.)
  • (There's a weird blue symbol drawn around your house. It matches the gold one on her belt. Is she... marking her territory?)


  • (She stares at you in disgust. Unless you're going to moisturize her, hands to yourself!)


  • (At first you think she likes it. She smiles at you, but when you aren't looking she throws it into the sun.)

Upgrade to Nuisance[]

  1. (For a moment there is complete silence. Then she hands you a small pot of moisturizer.)
  2. (The order is clear. Moisturize her.)


  • (Whenever you use her name she growls and snaps at you! Yikes! It seems you have to get to know her better first...)


  • (Quite a lot of your things have been painted red, gold, green, and blue. You don't hate it but should probably set some ground rules. And some wall rules. And some ceiling rules.)
  • (While going through your video games, she finds a copy of "Lana Loft, Tomb Thief". She throws it at your head. She has surprisingly good aim.)
  • (She seems upset. Someone told her that a Victorian-era custom was to eat mummies for medicinal purposes! Thinking quickly, you show her a squeak toy. It makes her forget all about it! Good job!)
  • (Things are quiet. Too quiet. You look around for Cassia. Nooooo! She's ripping apart your favorite pillow!)
  • (You pick up a piece of her linen wrappings that has fallen off. It was actually toilet paper. She's offended. You're embarrassed.)


  • (Using her linens, she whips you across the knuckles. Ouch!)


Upgrade to Frenemy[]

  1. (You learn quickly how much she likes to receive things. You bring her endless gifts in an effort to get on her good side.)
  2. (She no longer growls when you make eye contact with her. It must be working!)


  • (You think she's starting to tolerate your presence. It might have something to do with all the gifts you've been giving her.)




Upgrade to Acquaintances[]

  1. (You catch her looking through your things. She is completely non-apologetic about it. In fact, she continues to rummage even though you are standing right there.)
  2. (Telling her "No!" doesn't stop her. Clapping loudly doesn't stop her, she doesn't even look at you! You consider a rolled up newspaper.)


  • (Her beautiful name slips through your lips. You expect a lashing which never comes. She nods at you in approval.)



  • (The sound she makes could be a giggle, could be a scoff. She doesn't stop you.)


Upgrade to Friendzone[]

  1. (She looks through your shopping bags and claims anything even vaguely related to pyramids, treasure, or sand.)
  2. (This seems fine until you realize you can never throw a beach party again.)


  • (If you listen carefully you can hear your bank card crying from overuse. Maybe you should stop going to the mall with Cassia.)


  • (You ask her if she wants a sandwich. She seems intrigued until she realizes there isn't actually any sand involved.)
  • (She hands you several large beetles. She looks proud. You try to keep a neutral face.)
  • (She gives you many things to hold and keep track of. Sometimes it's sand. Sometimes it's jewels. You do your best. It amuses her.)
  • (Communication has proven a bit difficult. She makes a "tut" sound with her teeth. You copy it flawlessly! At least you have a tut-in-common.)
  • (You wonder if she has a hard time unwinding. She always sits as stiff as a board.)
  • (She has taken a reverent interest in the neighborhood stray cats. You buy extra cans of tuna and watch her take them to make offerings to her new feline friends.)



  • (She takes the gift and studies it. It's well crafted. She nods to you and as she turns away, her tail is wagging.)

Upgrade to Awkward Besties[]

  1. (You think she's getting more demanding. Your bank statement confirms it for you like the tattle-tale that it is.)
  2. (At least she seems to be issuing her demands with a smile now. That's a good sign, right?)

Awkward Besties[]

  • (After much debate, she has decided she won't feed your heart to any underworld beasts. You thank her?)


  • (Does she want to go for a walk? She handed you her wrap and is swinging her hips excitedly!)
  • (You are surprised to learn she manages crypto. How advanced!)
  • (Her leg wraps are untied! You try to warn her but it's too late! She steps on them and falls! Nothing to do now but INTENSELY pretend you didn't notice.)
  • (It's hypnotic watching her do her makeup. In a blink her eyeliner is perfect and beautiful! When you only have one eye you don't have to worry about symmetry!)
  • (She's excited to start her own pyramid scheme. She probably doesn't understand what a pyramid scheme is. At least, you hope she doesn't.)
  • (The amount of groaning and moaning she does every time she wakes up leads you to believe she's NOT a morning person.)
  • (Does she want to go for a walk? She handed you her wrap and is swinging her hips excitedly!)
  • (You sit down. Within minutes she is sitting beside you with her feet on your lap. Better cancel the rest of your plans, she doesn't look like she's going to move anytime soon.)
  • (When she pretends not to like you, you tell her denial isn't just a river in Egypt. She rolls her eye, but you're sure you see her smirk.)


  • (The sound she makes is definitely a giggle. You keep going until she holds your hand with her teeth! Playtime!)


  • (It was a nice gift. She raises it above her head so it catches the light. There's a nod of acceptance and she adds it to her collection.)

Upgrade to Crush[]

  1. (You have been keeping track and this is her hundredth demand. You decide to do something special to prove to her you are paying attention and doting on her appropriately.)
  2. (You get some rose petals and lay them out in a path to your pile of offerings. When she sees the effort you went through she yips in joy!)


  • (She knocks everything out of your hands all the time. If she is in the room, you are to pay attention to HER.)




  • (You think she looks pleased. She wraps it gingerly up and puts it in a box for safekeeping. Did she just mummify your present?)

Upgrade to Sweetheart[]

  1. (She has started to hang out in any room you're in. Not interacting with you, but just being present. You ask her, isn't that supposed to be a cat thing?)
  2. (Her ears stiffen and she looks like she's having a bit of an identity crisis.)


  • (As long as you are giving her constant head pats, you are graciously permitted to do whatever else you want. Trivial things like eating and drinking.)


  • (Her hands always seem to find their way to your body - she likes the way you feel.)
  • (As a mummy with refined taste, she crushes up pearls to put in her drinks. It makes them fizzy! She learned this trick from her friend Cleo.)
  • (She lets you know she's considering letting you explore her cave of wonders. You vow to touch everything.)
  • (Heading outside, she takes a moment to pray to the sun. You wouldn't dare interrupt her.)
  • (Her next demand is an ostrich. If she puts it in the ostrich races, she can gain prestige for your name. She doesn't take you seriously when you tell her those aren't a thing.)
  • (Jinkies! Four people and their dog have an uncomfortable fascination with Cassia. You decide to get some blinds put in.)
  • (You buy her a money tree! She takes a leaf off, examining it. She throws it away! Apparently it doesn't look like money to her.)
  • (She makes friends with almost every animal she finds in case they are transformed gods. Going to the zoo is complicated.)
  • (By the way she looks at you, you are convinced she would no longer send you to the shadow realm in a heartbeat.)
  • (An advertisement for jewel painting comes on! Cassia wants to try it! Until she learns the jewels are plastic.)
  • (You can tell she enjoys the way she has you wrapped around her finger.)
  • (Home is where the heart is, her heart is in the desert. She hopes you don't mind a little sand in your shoes, because you're going with her.)
  • (She sits you down and begins to dazzle you with spoken poetry. The words all sound like grumbles and yips, but you clap and shed a tear at the end anyway.)


  • (She moves into your touch and then bites you! Her eyes plead with you to do it again.)


  • (A jackal's grin spreads on her face. Racing to the backyard she starts to dig in the dirt! Buried things are safe things!)

Upgrade to Girlfriend[]

  1. (Anyone who comes near her or reaches out for her gets growled and snapped at. When you do it, she leans into your touch.)
  2. (You shouldn't condone this behavior but you really like being shown that you're so special to her.)





Upgrade to Lover[]

  1. (You tell her that you would cross a thousand deserts, over ten thousand days just to be with her.)
  2. (She wraps her arms around you and presses her nose to yours. She hopes that she can always be your oasis from the difficult travels of life.)


  • (The things in your house have been inventoried. Again. She likes the satisfaction of organizing and cataloging all your stuff.)
  • (You can hear shuffling behind you as hands cover your eyes. You're probably supposed to guess who it is? When they press against you, you know instantly. "Cassia".)
  • (She takes your hand and places it on her belt. She likes when you grab on and pull her around.)
  • (There's an Ancient Egypt exhibit at the museum. Rumor has it it really comes alive at night. Cassia's excited to make some friends!)
  • (Every time you say her name she rejoices! It's like the more you say it, the more alive she feels!)
  • (You ask her if she wants to go for a walk. She gets VERY excited! Zoomies!)


  • (She hands you a poem. You put it with the rest of the poems. There are enough to wallpaper the whole house. If only you could read them.)
  • (When it's just the two of you she likes to sit at your feet and have you rub her ears. Her eyes say: 'Tell no one'.)
  • (Finding grapes in the fridge she hands them to you, goes to recline on the couch, and opens her mouth. Another clear order. Hand feed her.)
  • (The more you spoil her with gifts, the more she spoils you in... other ways.)
  • (When you suggest a vacation, she tells you about a hotel she stayed at and really enjoyed. It's in Transylvania and it's run by a vampire with an excellent sense of humor.)
  • (She sits you down and begins to dazzle you with spoken poetry. The words all sound like grumbles and yips, but you clap and shed a tear at the end anyway.)
  • (You always feel happier and safer when she's around. Maybe it's her personality and the way she looks at you, or maybe it's just the Pharaohmones...)
  • (As a surprise, you get her a little cactus. She wants to pet it! It STABS HER! She hates it. But she also loves it because you got it for her. Gift giving can be complicated with Cassia.)
  • (Gently you pull her tail. You both seem surprised at how much she likes it.)
  • (Heading outside, she takes a moment to pray to the sun. You wouldn't dare interrupt her.)
  • (You get her to dance with you! As a finishing move you grab on to her wraps and pull! She spins around and around like a top! Let it rip!)
  • (One of her favorite things is to lay on your chest and listen to your heart beating. And your stomach gurgling. And your lungs inflating and deflating. Bodies are weird and noisy.)
  • (Her favorite drink is black tea with mint. You are sure to have some on hand at all times, under punishment of being locked out of your own house.)
  • (You hold her close to you and breathe her in. She smells expensive, like cedar and cinnamon.)
  • (You bring her a bouquet of lilies. They're beautiful and fragrant. She melts into them, smelling the scent. You tell her her beauty outshines them and she licks you all over as thanks!)
  • (You wonder if her cousins, the bog-mummy and the ice-mummy are as high-maintenance as Cassia. If they are, family reunions must be tough.)
  • (Her beauty would launch ships. She makes it clear that unless she's going with you, you are to launch exactly ZERO ships.)
  • (You make extra when you cook food so she can steal it off your plate. Stolen food is the best food!)
  • (Today she tries to get you to wear her jewelry - first the arm band, then the bracelet, then the collar. Without her jewels she looks so bare. She seems to understand that it's giving you ideas and blushes all the way to the tips of her ears.)
  • (You tell her you would go to war with the Gods for her. She seems pleased as that may be required.)
  • (She insists you braid her hair. There's a lot of it and it takes a long time! By the time you're finished, she's fallen asleep.)
  • (She draws an eggplant on your wall. And a winking faced person. And a few raindrops. What could it mean?)
  • (She carves a likeness of you so you can embody it when you die. It's... a bit more 'exaggerated' than you are. Does she really think you look like that!?)
  • (You blow a raspberry on her hollow tummy. The reverberations must feel good, because she moans happily.)
  • (She strongly implies what kind of activities would require you to hold on to her twintails. Fun and functional!)
  • (When she dances, swaying her hips and crossing her arms, it's hard to look at anything but her! Mesmerizing!)


  • (When you reach out to tickle her, she wraps your hands! Uh oh! Payback time!)
  • (A little yip escapes her lips. Her tail begins to wag, her ears fold down and her eyes drift closed. You found the perfect spot!)


  • (With a loving smile, she takes the gifts. You haven't needed to impress her in a long time, but the way she looks at you is reason enough to keep trying.)
  • (She takes a scroll from her box and with a few skilled lines adds a likeness of your gift to her burial inventory!)
  • (She fusses over the gift but isn't looking at it. Instead, her gaze is fixed on you.)
  • (The gift is taken from you carefully and she appraises it. She tests it with her sharp teeth. A squeal of joy leaves her lips and she cuddles it to her chest.)

Sex Scene[]

  1. You find her all tied up. She beckons you closer, smiling when you run your hands along her thighs, whimpering when you start massaging her butt and rubbing her clit. Then she grabs you, kisses you, and you find yourself becoming tangled up in her wrappings too…
  2. After hours of mutual pleasure, you both fall back on the bed. She’s sticky from face to tail, breathless as she looks at you with playful approval. She already wants you again. She’s been a good girl, so you give it to her.


  • [Moonlight Stroll] (She looks you up and down. She does not look impressed by you.)
  • [Beach] (She seems disappointed she didn't manage to get a tan, even though she lay as still as the dead for most of the date.)
  • [Sightseeing] (Using her hands to measure the mountains has made her arms tired. She is impressed, but next time take her somewhere fancier. She wants to swing from a chandelier!)
  • [Movie Theater] (It was nice to see a classic on the big screen, but Cassia seemed a little jealous of the main character. Later, she gives you a shopping list with "flying carpet," "genie", and "96 white Persian monkeys" written on it.)

Dialogue about Ayeka[]

  • Currently, no dialogue for this event

Requirement Table[]

Relationship Level Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Requirement 4 Rewards
Adversary 17,016 affection 100 Roses 50 Shells 15 Donuts 1 diamond 0.36 Prestige
Nuisance 272,256 affection 80 Chocolates 50 Fruit Baskets 20 Wisdom 1 diamond 0.54 Prestige
Frenemy 6,806,400 affection 400 Earrings Reach "Composer" at art job. 25 Motivation 1 diamond 0.72 Prestige
Acquaintance 238,224,000 affection 1,200 Flowers 350 Cakes 32 Tenderness 1 diamond 0.9 Prestige
Friendzone 7,623,168,000 affection 180 Necklaces Reach "Iconoclast" at art job. 15 Moonlight Stroll Dates 1 diamond 1.08 Prestige
Awkward Besties 213,448,704,000 affection 1,500 Designer Bags 7,500 Shoes 30 Beach Dates 1 diamond 1.26 Prestige
Crush 5,122,768,896,000 affection 18,000 New Cars 70,000 Earrings 60 Sightseeing Dates 1 diamond 1.44 Prestige
Sweetheart 102,455,377,920,000 affection 70 Magic Candles 57 Motivation 120 Movie Theatre Dates 1 diamond 1.68 Prestige
Girlfriend 1,844,196,802,560,000 Affection 55 Enchanted Scarves 3 Bewitched Jams 52 Tenderness 3 diamons 1.85 Prestige
Lover You did it! 11 Total diamonds 9.83 Total prestige


  • Cassia is the only current Monster Girl that have NSFW model in Pin-ups unlike all other Girls.
  • A few of her sprites(Mad, Likes You, Likes you LOTS) seem to reference the infamous Ankha Zone 'dance'


Memory Album[]