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For details about specific jobs, see Crush Crush here and Blush Blush here.

Jobs is the second tab in both Crush Crush and Blush Blush. In Crush Crush, it is unlocked after Q-Piddy informs you that you need to raise money to pay Cassie's hospital bill, and in Blush Blush it is unlocked after Q-Bae informs you that you need money for Nimh's refund. Performing the various jobs accessed through this tab is the sole source of money in the games, used primarily to buy gifts and take characters on dates, but also serving as a gate for advancing relationships.

Initially, only the lowest-tier job is available – Fast Food in Crush Crush, and Seamstress in Blush Blush – but every job can be unlocked once you meet its skill requirements by performing hobbies. Performing a job multiple times will unlock promotions, increasing the pay per completion. Promotions may also change the number of time blocks required, and/or the amount of time required per completion.

You can also gild the jobs you have unlocked for 10 diamonds per job you select. Gilding a job has no effect on how quickly your promotions occur, but it does give you 5x as much money for that job. Gilding persists through soft reset.

Jobs Screen[]

  1. Active Job Display: The left column shows the promotion details and the visual animation of the job that's been selected.
  2. Promotion Details: This shows the current number of times you completed the job since the last promotion and how many you need in total to get to the next promotion. To the right you'll see the amount of money that will be added to your current pay for that job when you reach the promotion. Note that the numbers later on tend to become larger and will not display all of the numbers due to the size constraints.
  3. Jobs List: The right column displays all of the jobs you can take and the details about them. The scrollbar to the right will help you quickly navigate through them all; you can also click and drag the left mouse button up and down to view them all.
  4. Active Job: Once you've unlocked a job, clicking it will show the play button briefly and you will see something like this. You will see the title and the position on the top, separated by hyphen. Underneath you will see the progress bar of the job, indicating the remaining time it will take to complete one iteration of the job. To the right of that is the amount of money you get per instance and the amount of time blocks needed to perform that job.
  5. Active Displayed Job: This the job that is currently on display on the left column, and you can see its promotion details on the bottom. To check on the promotion status of a job, simply stop the job and restart it.
  6. Inactive Job: This job is currently inactive as noted by the pause symbol. Some jobs may be inactive due to the lack of time blocks available.
  7. Locked Job: This job is currently locked, requiring certain hobby levels before you are able to unlock it. These unlock automatically when you have the hobby requirements and the Jobs tab will show a small exclamation mark denoting a new job available.
  8. Max Level Job: Job status bar color changes from Orange to Green when at Max Level.

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