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Crush Crush and Blush Blush share fundamental mechanics between them. You manage your currency, practice hobbies to gain skills, unlock and perform jobs, and go on dates and give gifts - all to reach your ultimate goal of leveling up your relationships with the characters you meet.

The specifics of these mechanics may differ greatly between the games, and these differences will be explained in detail on their respective pages.


The games are very visually similar. The overview pages explain the basic design and functionality of the different game tabs.


Jobs is the second tab in both Crush Crush - unlocked after Q-Piddy informs you that you need to raise money to pay Cassie's hospital bill - and Blush Blush - unlocked after Q-Bae informs you that you need money for Nimh's refund. Performing the various jobs accessed through this tab is the sole source of money in the games, used primarily to buy gifts and take characters on dates, but also serving as a gate for advancing relationships. Jobs take up various numbers of time blocks, and can be stopped and started at will.


In Crush Crush and Blush Blush, hobbies have four purposes: Unlocking achievements, jobs, and new characters, and progressing in relationships. Every hobby takes up 3 time blocks, and like jobs, can be paused and later resumed.

Flirtable characters gain Affection (hearts) over time when their "Liked Trait", i.e. preferred Stat, is above 0. The rate increases with the current skill level, and is affected by your game progress. This is the only idle way to gain Affection, although it is very slow at first.

Unlocking a hobby automatically unlocks all the hobbies before it.

Other Shared Components[]


Achievements are earned through advancing your relationships, leveling up jobs and hobbies, and other various tasks. Gaining a set number rewards you with a time block, and when you first reach them, they increase your reset boost.


The store is where diamonds and extra characters can be purchased with real money, and diamonds can be spent on various game boosts and extra content.


The Stats tabs offer important information on your progress. They can be displayed by clicking the blue tab on the bottom of the game screen, fourth from the left. The Stats page is divided into sections, with your Avatar on the very left, and then avatar items and progress numbers to the right, on top, with the reset section below that. This is different from the "Stats" tab on the Girls or Guys pages, which offers details about the selected character.

Memory Albums[]

The memory album holds all the images you have unlocked on your current playthroughs.

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