Crab is a minor character who just happens to be there nearly every time you take a girl on a Beach date.

Crab has been observed doing the following;

  • Stealing Cassie's bikini.
  • Being held out towards you by Mio.
  • Facing off against Quill's cat, Lil Quill.
  • Menacing a sleeping sand-covered Elle.
  • Running from Iro performing stock water-tossing.
  • Staring at Nutaku handling a popsicle (and blocking your view in the Lover Photo while winking).
  • Trying to hide behind Bonnibel.
  • Being de-clawed - if not completely consumed - by Ayano.
  • Bobbing in the water apparently dead (can someone confirm this?) while Fumi examines a water sample.
  • Cowering in fear in Bearverly's paw (bear form).
  • Trying to stay on beach ball that Bearverly is about to throw (human form).
  • Catching rays from Alpha's sun reflector.
  • Being trapped inside a water ball Luna makes with her magic.
  • Cowering under the towel as Sutra carries a bag of dead sea animals and a different live crab
  • Fanning Jelle while she's a puddle.
  • Delivering a pizza to Quillzone.
  • Terrorizing Darya by climing on her and grabbing her hair

However, Crab is not seen for the following girls:

  • while Nina is leaning toward you.
  • while Pamu is ogling you.
  • while Eva's mech is fighting a giant Krabjuu - possibly piloting it?
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