Jobs is the second tab in the game, unlocked after Q-Piddy informs you that you need to raise money to pay Cassie's hospital bill. Performing the various jobs accessed through this tab is the sole source of money in the game, used primarily to buy gifts and take girls on dates, but also serving as a gate to advancing relationships.

Initially, only Fast Food is available, but every job can be unlocked once you meet its skill requirements by performing hobbies. Performing a job multiple times will unlock promotions, increasing the pay per completion. Promotions may also change the number of time blocks required, and/or the amount of time required per completion.

For Blush Blush Jobs, see here.

Jobs Edit

Note: Data values are based on 1.0x multiplier and calculated within .5% error. Also, some promotion text in-game typically lacks an extra digit (usually Hunter) due to size constraints, but the value in the table will display the real promotion values. Some values have been shortened with number abbreviations to keep the tables reasonable.

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Very early on in the game, Computers pays best, followed by Cleaning. Fast food, Restaurant, and Lifeguard are all lower, pretty much neck and neck.

Sports and Hunting take too long to promote and Zoo and Art give too little money.

When Casino is unlocked it will become the best paying, once it gets to its first promotion. Upon getting slightly further in, Hunting starts to pay off, and then later so does Sports. If you make it to Legal this early on, it is the highest paying option.
The order of profit part-way into the game is Legal, then Casino (if either are unlocked), then Hunting, Sports, and finally Computers, which slowly loses importance.

When Space is unlocked, it will become most profitable, but Casino gets a large promotion in which it gets reduced to one time block, putting it back in first place. Movies struggles to compete until the third promotion. Space is a good investment when unlocked.
The order further in is Casino, then Space, then further down Legal, Sports, and Hunting. Only when the last promotion for Art arrives does it become third on the list.

Wizard pays nearly no money for a very long time.
The order even later on is Casino, Movies, Space, then Art and Sports. Once Wizard reaches level 9, it essentially dominates all other options. Casino is far behind, then Movies and Space. Slaying is not very profitable until its later promotions.

Very late in the game, the largest to smallest income producers (based off of income per time block per minute) are Space, Casino, Wizard, Love, Movies, Slaying, Sport, Art and Legal tied, Hunting, Computers, Cleaning, Restaurant, Zoo, Fast Food, then Lifeguard.

The above assumes you do not have Charlotte, meaning the Grave Digger job remains locked. The value of Grave Digger starts off comparable to Movies, but grows exponentially over time. By mid-late game it competes with Space and Wizard, and very late game, Grave Digger outperforms everything else combined.
Since gilding lasts forever (unless you perform a hard reset), long-term considerations are important, so money/minute is a better indicator of value than money/time slots/minute, particularly when all jobs are at max level. The best order to gild jobs is thus:

  1. Grave Digger (204.4% more total money/minute with all jobs active and max level)
  2. Space (33.1% more total money/minute if Grave Digger is gilded / 210.5% if you don't have Grave Digger)
  3. Wizard (7.7% / 20.8% if the above are gilded with/without Grave Digger)
  4. Movies (5% / 12%)
  5. Love (3.9% / 8.7%)
  6. Casino (1.7% / 3.6%)
  7. Slaying (1.4% / 3%)
  8. Legal (0.8% / 1.7%)
  9. Sports (less than 1%)
  10. Hunting
  11. Art
  12. Computers
  13. Cleaning
  14. Zoo
  15. Restaurant
  16. Fast Food
  17. Lifeguard

Trivia Edit

  • The more money you earn, the more expensive your living area in the background of the stats menu will become (tent, house, mansion, etc.).
  • Casino, Wizard, and Love are the only jobs which have variable shift times based on their level.
  • The icon for the Legal job is a reference to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney after Phoenix says "Objection!, "Take that!", and "Hold it!".
  • The icon for the Slaying job is a reference to Diablo 3 and the Demon Hunter Class
  • The icon for Computers is based on the developer of Crush Crush (@CrushCrushDX on Twitter) who tweeted a picture of herself working on the game on her PC with her orange cat right beside her.
  • The level "Sports Almanac" for Casino is a reference to Back to the Future II. This is the name of the magazine that Marty McFly buys that gets stolen and given to Biff in 1955.
  • Wizard class has two references. Hairy Wizard and Very Hairy Wizard reference Harry Potter. The second one, Sorcerer Supremo is a reference to Dr. Strange from Marvel, who is called the Sorcerer Supreme.

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