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The Hunt is ON! Find Chibi Ayano throughout the event for Epic Rewards. Chibi Ayano will be stalking you when you take the Girls to any date. If you spot her, click her before she disappears. You can skip the entire Event for 50 diamonds with "Get'er Done" button.

Event Date: 13th Oct - 29th Oct 2017 (PST) or 14th Oct - 30th Oct 2017 (GMT+8)

Start Date: 13th Oct 2017 9pm (PST) or 14th Oct 2017 12pm (GMT+8)

Chibi Ayano Location[]

The location does only depend on the girl, and not the date. For example, during Day 01, Ayano can be found in any of the four dates with Elle.

Tier Rewards[]

  • 8 Chibi Ayano Found: 1 Time Block
  • 12 Chibi Ayano Found: "Friday the 13th" Ayano Pin-Up Picture + 3 Diamonds
  • 16 Chibi Ayano Found: Ayano Exclusive Outfit (Bloody Mission) + 7 Diamonds


  • Diamonds required to skip the Event decreases depending on how many Chibi Ayano have been found.
  • Chibi Ayano will only appear when you're dating with someone other than Ayano herself (it will be in a random position on a Dating Pic)
  • She won't stalk end-game girls such as Dark One and Q-Piddy since they're gone when you have reached Lover level with the respective girls.