Crush Crush Wikia

Several questions are frequently asked, and they can broadly be placed in three groups:

  1. Questions about the wiki
  2. Questions about the game
  3. Questions about a host for the game (i.e. Nintendo Switch, Steam, Nutaku, Kongregate, Google Play, or AppStore)

Several of these questions also have answers in the Steam discussions. There are also many other questions not listed here that are addressed in the Steam discussions. If your question is not addressed here and you cannot find it there, leave a comment and it may be added to this list. You can also check out the Official FAQ page. It appears to be focused on Crush Crush, but some of the answers there apply to Blush Blush as well


Why isn't there a page for XYZ yet?[]

If you are looking for a character that doesn't have a page on the wiki yet, it is very likely the character is quite new. Many of our editors do not spend diamonds to get new character bundles the instant their event is released. Similarly for phone flings that are still in beta or have just been added to the main game. Have some patience. The page should exist by the time the character's debut event is over, or within a few days of the phone fling being generally released.

Why is the page for XYZ missing information?[]

If the page is for a new character, it is likely that our editors simply have not had the opportunity to play through all the interactions. If the page is on a subject that has been updated ingame, it is possible the update has been overlooked. If you do not know how to edit the section that has been updated, you can leave a comment on the page to point it out. These comments are usually addressed fairly quickly.

Can I add images to the wiki[]

  • Only if it is related to the games produced by Sad Panda Studios. You can decorate your profile with unrelated images, but anything for use in articles should be relevant.
  • Only if it is possible to view the image from within the game through normal gameplay.
    • If you can pay diamonds now to get the image early, this is within normal gameplay.
    • If the image is data-mined, obtained by someone's hacking or decompiling the game, etc., this in NOT within normal gameplay.
    • If the image is posted by Sad Panda Studios, but only behind a paywall (e.g. on Patreon), this is NOT within normal gameplay.
    • This is not a complete list of what is / what is not considered within normal gameplay. Use common sense.

Questions about the games[]

Why is my reset boost going down?[]

Crush Crush[]

There are two characters who consume your reset boost: Shibuki and The Dark One. With each level that you advance with them, they consume more and more of your reset boost. Shibuki will give you enough to your Bonus Add to more than make up for it when you reset, and she will give back everything she took when you reach lover level with her.

It is possible to make progress with The Dark One, and have a lower reset boost if you reset before reaching lover level with her. However, she will max out your reset boost (x2048) as soon as you reach lover level, whether you were at max reset boost or not before reaching her.

Blush Blush[]

When advancing through the Endless Levels, every 10th Lover+ level for each guy has a Consume Reset Boost requirement, so you will lose a bit of reset boost when you advance to Lover+ 11, Lover+ 21, etc.

The amount of consumed reset boost is typically small compared to the Bonus Add you get from advancing through Endless Levels, so while it may set you back slightly in your current reset, you will typically be much better positioned for your next reset when you advance through the Endless Levels. However, you may need to advance a few levels to make up for the loss – stopping at Lover+ 11 will give you a lower reset boost in your next reset than stopping at Lover+ 10.

I am missing a character bundle. Will it ever come back?[]

Some of the characters in Crush Crush appear in limited time events, followed by a brief stint in the Store. Others appear in the store for a limited time and return to the Sexy Vault. Sad Panda cycles these characters back into the store every so often, sometimes with discounts. If you are missing any waifus that were available only for a limited time, you can expect them to return eventually. Some have already made several returns, and so far, none have been unavailable for longer than a year.

"If you are inquiring about character bundles and are curious about how to obtain ones that are not currently in the in-game store, they will return in the future. Fear not, you have not missed out, they are just not currently available to be purchased to keep the available characters fresh, and they come back to allow players to purchase the bundles if they missed out on the last time they were available." – SPS Team

What happens if I finished the LTE for a character's outfits, but not for the character?[]

If you get the outfits without getting the character, nothing happens. When the character appears in the store, the price includes the outfits, and no discount is given if you completed the LTE for the outfits. It is currently unclear whether you need to complete the outfit event again if the LTE character returns for a new LTE.

What happens if I finished the LTE for a character, but not for the character's outfits?[]

The outfits will remain locked until you purchase the character for full price in the store or until the character has a repeat event for the outfits. If you purchase the character at full price in the store, you will earn diamonds (and possibly achievements) for the relationship levels you have already completed the next time you reach them.

What happens to purchased and limited time characters when I do a full reset?[]

As with a soft reset, or prestige, your progress with characters returns to the beginning. With a full reset (also called a hard reset), you also lose all of the ingame achievements. So you will keep your purchased and limited time characters after performing a hard reset. If you have unlocked all outfits for a purchased or limited time character, those outfits will also still be available after a hard reset. More details on what happens during a full reset can be found in this Crush Crush Steam answer:

"Any DLC that you purchase will survive a full reset. If you purchased or "earned through the LTE" a phone fling that became a full girl, you will need to play through the phone fling again to unlock her as a full character, but you will not need to purchase her nor play the LTE to unlock her again.

The jobs that are included with Charlotte and Suzu will remain unlocked as well. The Pinups you've earned through the LTE events will also still be available after the full reset.

If you've purchased the Starter Pack, it will be applied to your game after you do a full reset, so you start the game with 11 Timeblocks(instead of 5), 130 Diamonds and a 2X Boost.

The diamonds/timeblocks that were included with Darya or the purchase of the 18+ DLC from our website will be reset and will not survive the full reset. But, if you are in this position, email us and we'll restore them for you. Darya will grant all the level up achievement diamonds that she gave the first time a player played her, it's just the ones that were included in her purchase that won't persist the full reset.

All diamonds, boosts and girl/job/hobby progress will be reset. All in-game achievements will be reset, but Steam achievements will stay unlocked." – QA Panda (20 October 2020)

If you experience a loss of purchased characters or LTE content with a full reset, you can contact Sad Panda Studios support. If you include your SPS ID (found on the More screen), they are usually very good about restoring lost stuff, even when it is due to user error.

Does the Speed Boost in the Store stick around after a reset?[]

The answer depends on what kind of reset you mean - prestige (soft reset) or full reset (hard reset).

  • If you do a soft reset (from your Stats tab), yes. Gilding, Store purchases, and Outfits all remain after a soft reset.
  • If you do a hard reset (from your More tab), no. Character bundles will stick around, whether you collected them in an event or purchased them in the Store, but all other purchases and diamonds will disappear.

Does resetting the game reset the tutorial, etc.?[]

A soft reset will not bring back tutorial elements you have already seen. If there are tutorial elements you have not yet reached when you reset, you will still get to see them if/when you first meet the requirements for that tutorial element.

On the other hand, a hard reset brings you more or less back to square one: the first intro scene repeats and the tutorial starts over.

Why didn't my new jobs unlock when I did a hobby time skip?[]

This is a bug. If you use a time skip to get your hobby levels high enough to unlock new jobs, those jobs are not immediately available. For now, this can be "fixed" by closing your game and re-opening it, or by pausing any hobby and restarting it. This bug has been reported for Blush Blush, but it exists in Crush Crush as well.

Why can't Crush Crush load characters past Q-Pernikiss on startup?[]

When playing Crush Crush on Steam, when you close the game on a particular girl, the game is supposed to start up on that girl the next time you open the game. This feature was added in September 2019, but it caused the game to be buggy when the last selected girl was beyond the main storyline (i.e. below Q-Piddy on the list of girls). As a result, only the main storyline girls can be selected for loading on startup. As of 11 February 2020, there were no plans to fix the bug for DLC/LTE/etc. characters, but these plans can change.

Why are my event diamonds and tokens disappearing?[]

There is a pinned Steam discussion for this. One of the main reasons why this might happen is if you close the game before the game has had a chance to finish saving its state. There is a "Saving" indicator near the upper left corner of the game screen that appears when the game detects a significant change in state (gains of affection from talking, pausing or starting a job/hobby, collecting an LTE reward, etc.). Closing the game while the "Saving" indicator is there will cause that save to fail. If you have the LTE window open, it can be hard to see the indicator, since it is mostly underneath that window.

If you lost more than a single day's worth at once, that pinned Steam discussion suggests you contact SPS support with a description of the issue and your SPS ID (on the More tab in the game), and they can restore your game state from the most advanced cloud save and place it into one of your save slots.

How can I prevent them from disappearing in the future?[]

A technique that seems to do a very good job of avoiding lost event rewards is to wait for the "Saving" indicator to disappear, then do something else ingame (e.g. pause and restart a job that is already at max level) that will bring the indicator up again. Wait for this one to disappear, then manually save to one of your save slots and close the game. If your progress gets lost (e.g. if you switched devices or changed users on the same device), loading your manual save should restore it. If it does not, you can still contact SPS support.

Why can't I reset certain Phone Flings?[]

Once you reach the end of a Phone Fling conversation, you can typically reset the conversation to play through it again. The exceptions are Phone Fling characters that have been promoted to full characters. Your texting-based adventure is a prerequisite to meeting them face-to-face, so you cannot erase that history once you finish the Phone Fling conversation without doing a hard reset that erases your entire history.

When will Kitty Catsanova be released on Steam?[]

Sad Panda is a small studio, and their attention is currently divided across their other three games. It probably will not be in 2020.

"Kitty Catsanova is currently out of development. We are rewriting/designing this game and will release it again some time in the next couple years. We don’t have this on our to-do list at the moment as we’re concentrating all our resources on Crush Crush/Blush Blush/Hush Hush." – SPS Team (20 February 2020)

A more recent response on the Steam forum for Crush Crush:

"The short version of the story is that during our Alpha/Beta, we got a LOT of feedback on stuff that was and wasn't working. As soon as we realized the game needed more than just a tune up, we were forced to briefly shelf it.

KC is simmering in the background. We're whipping up a big batch of Hush Hush at the moment, and of course keeping Crush Crush and Blush Blush rolling. Thanks for your patience!" – Oji Panda (26 May 2020)

How long will it takes to create a Character (be it Crush Crush or Blush Blush)?[]

Depends on how fast or how slow the progress does (Remember, Sad Panda Studios is just a small team). Usually it takes 2-5 months to make a character (From Writing to Art to Audio). It maybe faster or slower than usual depending on current situation.

"FYI: It can take anywhere from 2-5 months to get a new character ready, depending on everything from writing to art to audio. That's partially due to us working on so many games at once, and we're a tiny team //>_<//" – SPS Team (24 April 2020)

Questions about game hosts[]

Can I transfer my game progress from one host to another?[]

Unfortunately, you cannot. The different hosts are run by different companies, and each one wants to have their cut in the ingame microtransactions. In particular, there is currently no way to switch between the PC and Mobile version of the game without losing your progress.

"If you are writing us to ask us if you can transfer your Game from Steam/Nutaku to Mobile, the answer is No.
We're sorry, but none of the hosting companies will let us transfer saved games between companies." – SPS Team

How do I switch between NSFW mode and SFW mode on Nutaku?[]

If you play Crush Crush on, you will be playing the Moist & Uncensored version. The SFW version of Crush Crush is available on Your same login credentials will work on both sites. This is less convenient than the simple checkbox in the settings, but hey. It's a free way to get the NSFW version. You get what you pay for.

If you play Blush Blush on, you're currently stuck with the Uncut version, since the SFW version is not yet available on Sad Panda may release Blush Blush on at some point in the future, at which point you will be able do the same .net/.com switcheroo to toggle NSFW mode.

Can I turn NSFW mode on in the Mobile version?[]

Currently, no. Eventually there will be a Mobile version of Crush Crush through Nutaku, which will have NSFW content.

"If you are asking about the NSFW version of CC Mobile, we won't be able to release it to Google Play as Google has strict rules for it's content.
NSFW CC Mobile will be available on the Nutaku Mobile Client - but we aren't sure yet when it will be released." – SPS Team

Which host is the best one to play on?[]

Ultimately, you will have to make that decision for yourself.

  • Steam has the best quality – larger images, voiced lines in Crush Crush, the ability to play the beta versions, etc., but you have to pay for the NSFW content. Not a bad tradeoff.
  • Mobile Version (Google Play Store/AppStore) gives you a full model image instead of half-cropped. You also get to use ads for speed boost: 2x offline progress, 2x speed boost, 30-min time skip, 2x cash—watching 4 of these ads earns 1 diamond. However, the art is restricted to be more family friendly due to the T&C applied for all Distributors/App Devs who are going to release the app at there.
  • Nutaku gives you the NSFW content for free, but the gaming window is smaller than Steam, and there are no voiced lines in Crush Crush on Nutaku, aside from phone calls. But has a background image for Crush Crush that changes when new events start.
  • Kongregate is currently the only place to play Kitty Catsanova. Eventually Kitty Catsanova will be released on Steam, but it probably will not happen in 2020(Shelf'd until further notice).