Interactions Edit

Talk - Allows you to talk with the guy, gaining at least 50 affection. There's a formula involving his "liked trait" that determines how much affection is gained. Takes 20 seconds base to cool down. (Lowered by soft resetting)

Stats - Allows you to view the unique stats of each Guy, such as their age, birthday, and favorites (including their Liked Trait, which grants passive affection when you have at least one rank in it.) No cool down.

Gift - Allows you to spend money buying the guy gifts, increasing affection. Takes 30 seconds base to cool down. Unlocked when the guy is at "Frenemy" status or better.

Date - Allows you to spend money taking the guys on dates, increasing affection. Each date takes a different amount of time blocks and a set amount of time you must spend waiting to complete.

Guys - Origins Edit

The Guys who are involved in the Blush Blush Main Storyline. Your task is to find them and turn them back to their own self (and somehow make them fall into you...)

Nimh Icon
Nimh - 

A shy man that was turned into a rabbit. The first boy encountered, who stayed at the zoo hoping to get a refund.

Unlocked by starting the game.

Volks Icon
Volks - 

A gruff loner that was turned into a wolf. Encountered in the woods where he saves you from a sharply dressed bear. 

Unlocked by having Lvl 1 Guts.

Kelby Icon
Kelby - 

An athlete that was turned into a rooster. He doesn't let that stop him from exercising or volunteering as a lifeguard, though. Encountered when he saves you from drowning.

Unlocked by having Lvl 4 Healthy.

Eli Icon
Eli - 

A flamboyant hedonist that was turned into a pegasus with a rainbow mane. He's actually pleased with how fabulous his transformation made him, but won't turn down the player wanting to party with him. Encountered during a wild night of karaoke.

Unlocked by having Lvl 7 Outgoing.

Anon Icon
Anon - 

A playful Scottish hacker that was turned into a lemur. Encountered in an Internet Cafe, where you accidentally topped his time for hacking into NORAD.

Unlocked by having Lvl 12 Gamer.

Garret Icon
Garret - 

A friendly animal caretaker and lumberjack that was turned into a blue bull. Encountered whilst saving a cat stuck in a tree. 

Unlocked by having Lvl 17 Caring.

Dmitri Icon
Dmitri - 

A poetic barista that was turned into a boar. Encountered giving clay modeling lessons. 

Unlocked by having Lvl 23 Passionate.

Ichiban Icon
Ichiban - 

A charismatic streamer that was turned into a tiger. Encountered interacting with fans in a convention.

Unlocked by having Lvl 27 Confidence.

William Icon
William - 

A veterinarian that was turned into a ram. Encountered in the park while he was doing yoga.

Unlocked by having Lvl 32 Peaceful.

Myx Icon
Myx - 

A musician who was turned into a chinchilla. Encountered while participating in a knitting class.

Unlocked by having Lvl 35 Creative.

Icon Stirling UNLOCKED
Stirling -

An ice-skating vampire who was turned into a snake. Encountered while stargazing and reflecting deeply about the Man-imal quest.

Unlocked by having Lvl 44 Observant.

Icon scale UNLOCKED
Scale -

An Assassin who was turned into a dragon. Encountered when he is trying to kill you (In Dragon Form) while you were doing your Piano Performance.

Unlocked by having Lvl 50 Disciplined

Guys - Event/DLC Edit

The Guys who are not involved into the Blush Blush Main Storyline, but rather are unlocked by buying in the store or through events.

Icon human UNLOCKED
Sven - 

A Danish who turned into a Hedgehog. He walked into your house and willing to help you by teaching you "Speed Dating".

Unlocked by purchasing the Sven Bundle.

Phone Flings Edit

Phone Flings are here! They may not be your manimals, but that doesn't mean you can't flirt with them!

Icon cashew
Cashew - a college student who found your name and number on a bookmark in a sensual book.

Unlocked by reaching Boyfriend level with Nimh.

Icon boss
Boss - your former boss. He fired you after the "incident", but still expects you to come to work.

Unlocked by reaching Crush level with Eli.

Icon felix
Felix - A protester who contacted you by randomly hitting the number.

Unlocked by reaching Lover level with Volks.

Icon reece
Reece - a time traveller. He needs your help finding his way home (as well as his pants).

Unlocked by reaching Boyfriend level with Kelby.

Icon ace
Ace - a Baseball Player who contacted you for a Charity Match.

Unlocked by reaching Lover level with Kelby.

Icon ferris
Ferris - a Crop Corp Inc Customer Service rep who contacted you to complete his survey.

Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Anon.

Icon serralpoe
Poe - a student trying to make notes in his phone who texts you by mistake.

Unlocked by reaching Friendzone level with Garret.

Icon logan
Logan - a firefighter who may have found some of your property.

Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Dmitri.

Icon finn
Finn - the keeper of the Mushroom Forest who asked you for help.

Unlocked by reaching Awkward Besties level with Ichiban.

Icon leo
Leo - a cybernetically enhanced super human attempting to save the world from annihilation.

Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with William.

Icon seth
Seth - A demon who enjoys telling riddles and wants your soul (and the soul of other Boys as well)...

Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Stirling.

Icon jaxon
Jaxon - a thongs enthusiast who found a phone with your contact info in it while wandering in the bush.

Unlocked by reaching Lover+ 1 level with Garret.

Icon drake
Drake - a Snogwarts student in the Brave Beavers house.

Unlocked by reaching Boyfriend level with William.

Icon theo
Theo - a Gamer Nerd who decided to have a talk with you after a Dungeon Raid. 

Unlocked by reaching Rush Master in the Streaming job.

Icon basil
Basil - a Detective that requires your assistance for a myterious theft upon him.

Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Myx.

Icon fabian
Fabian - a Mer-Man that somehow contacted you via a Mirror and decided to ask you questions...

Unlocked by reaching Frenemy level with Scale.

Icon nico
Nico - a DJ who has hit a creative slump and needs your help to get his groove back.

Unlocked by reaching Sweetheart level with Myx.

Notes Edit

  • The Main Storyline Guys are based on animals of the Chinese Zodiac with some 'alternatives'.


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