In Crush Crush, hobbies have four purposes: Unlock achievements, unlock jobs, unlock new girls, and progress in relationships. Every hobby takes up 3 time blocks.

A girl gains Affection (hearts) over time when her "Liked Traits", i.e. preferred Stat, is above 0. The rate increases with the current level, and is affected by current speed. This is the only idle way to gain Affection, although it is very slow at first.

It is impossible to unlock a later hobby without unlocking an earlier one (e.g. Fumi does not unlock Smart or earlier but you need Smart in order to unlock Fumi).

The quickest way to unlock all the hobbies is to unlock Wisdom (preferably Cassie Crush), then Elle (Wisdom level 2), and then get Elle to Awkward Besties. (Or, buy the DLC bundle to unlock Darya, and all the hobbies are unlocked once you meet Darya.)

The current hobbies are:

Stat Increased Hobby Unlocked At Girls who favorite it
Suave Dancing Cassie Nuisance Elle
Funny Partying Cassie Frenemy Bearverly
Buff Surfing Cassie Frenemy Cassie, Nutaku, Sutra
TechSavvy Computers Cassie Frenemy Mio, Darya
Tenderness Sketching Cassie Friendzoned, or Mio Nuisance Alpha, Q-Pernikiss
Motivation Protesting Cassie Friendzoned, or Mio Nuisance Iro
Wisdom Meditation Cassie Crush, Mio Awkward Besties, or Quill Frenemy Bonnibel, Ayano
Badass Bow Hunting Cassie Crush, Nutaku Crush, Quill Crush, or Elle Awkward Besties Pamu, Luna
Smart University Ayano Acquaintance, Mio Crush, Quill Crush, Elle Awkward Besties, or Bonnibel Frenemy Fumi
Angst Brooding Quill Crush, Elle Awkward Besties, Bearverly Frenemy, Bonnibel Acquaintance, Fumi Acquaintance, or Nina Nuisance Eva, The Dark One
Mysterious Vigilantism Elle Awkward Besties, Bearverly Frenemy, Fumi Acquaintance, or Nina Nuisance Nina, Karma
Lucky Sky Diving Elle Awkward Besties, Bearverly Awkward Besties, or Nina Nuisance Quill

Hobby Level Requirements:

Suave: Cassie (Nuisance)- lvl 2 Mio (Adversary)- 3, Elle (Adversary)- 6, Elle (Acquaintance)- 12, Nutaku (Frenemy)- 11, Iro (Friendzoned)- 16, Ayano (Adversary)- 16, Nina (Adversary)- 26, Pamu (Frenemy)- 44, Luna (Frenemy)- 50, Karma (Frenemy)- 63, Karma (Crush)- 71, The Dark One (Friendzoned)- 75

Funny: Mio (Frenemy)- lvl 5, Mio (Friendzoned)- 9, Mio (Girlfriend)- 18, Quill (Nuisance)- 6, Quill (Sweetheart)- 18, Elle (Nuisance)- 8, Bonnibel (Nuisance)- 12, Ayano (Nuisance)- 18, Fumi (Adversary)- 19, Bearverly (Girlfriend)- 39, Alpha (Acquaintance)- 35, Karma (Nuisance)- 61, Karma (Sweetheart)- 73, The Dark One (Crush)- 75

Buff: Cassie (Frenemy)- lvl 3, Cassie (Girlfriend)- 10, Quill (Acquaintance)- 10, Nutaku (Acquaintance)- 12, Iro (Frenemy)- 12, Ayano (Adversary)- 16, Bearverly (Acquaintance)- 26, Pamu (Adversary)- 40, Pamu (Awkward Besties)- 43, Pamu (Girlfriend)- 60, Luna (Acquaintance)- 52, Sutra (Adversary)- 58, Sutra (Girlfriend)- 75

TechSavvy: Cassie (Frenemy)- lvl 3, Mio (Sweetheart)- 14, Nutaku (Adversary)- 8, Nutaku (Friendzoned)- 14, Ayano (Awkward Besties)- 35, Fumi (Frenemy)- 24, Fumi (Crush)- 32, Alpha (Adversary)- 28, The Dark One (Awkward Besties)- 75

Tenderness: Quill (Adversary)- lvl 5, Mio (Acquaintance)- 7, Quill (Friendzoned)- 12, Quill (Girlfriend)- 20, Elle (Frenemy)- 10, Bonnibel (Acquaintance)- 16, Bonnibel (Crush)- 28, Ayano (Adversary)- 16, Ayano (Nuisance)- 18, Ayano (Frenemy)- 20, Ayano (Girlfriend)- 60, Bearverly (Adversary)- 20, Alpha (Nuisance)- 32, Alpha (Awkward Besties)- 40, Alpha (Girlfriend)- 49, Karma (Acquaintance)- 65, Karma (Awkward Besties)- 69, The Dark One (Sweetheart)- 75

Motivation: Cassie (Friendzone)- lvl 5, Mio (Nuisance)- 4, Nutaku (Nuisance)- 9, Iro (Nuisance)- 10, Iro (Crush)- 24, Ayano (Friendzoned)- 30, Bearverly (Nuisance)- 22, Alpha (Frenemy)- 34, Sutra (Acquaintance)- 65, Sutra (Awkward Besties)- 69, The Dark One (Acquaintance)- 75

Wisdom: Quill (Frenemy)- lvl 8, Elle (Friendzoned)- 14, Bonnibel (Friendzoned)- 19, Bonnibel (Girlfriend)- 30, Ayano (Nuisance)- 18, Fumi (Nuisance)- 22, Karma (Adversary)- 58, Karma (Girlfriend)- 75

Badass: Cassie (Crush)- lvl 7, Nutaku (Crush)- 12, Iro (Acquaintance)- 14, Iro (Girlfriend)- 26, Ayano (Frenemy)- 20, Pamu (Nuisance)- 42, Pamu (Girlfriend)- 53, Luna (Adversary)- 45, Sutra (Frenemy)- 63, Sutra (Crush)- 71, The Dark One (Adversary)- 75

Smart: Mio (Crush)- lvl 12, Bonnibel (Frenemy)- 14, Ayano (Acquaintance)- 25, Fumi (Friendzoned)- 28, Fumi (Girlfriend)- 35, Luna (Adversary)- 45, Sutra (Nuisance)- 61, Sutra (Sweetheart)- 73, The Dark One (Nuisance)- 75

Angst: Quill (Crush)- lvl 16, Elle (Crush)- 20, Nutaku (Girlfriend)- 25, Ayano (Crush)- 40, Bearverly (Sweetheart)- 37, Pamu (Acquaintance)- 46, Sutra (Friendzoned)- 67, Sutra (Girlfriend)- 75

Mysterious: Elle (Girlfriend)- lvl 24, Ayano (Girlfriend)- 60, Fumi (Acquaintance)- 26, Bearverly (Frenemy)- 22, Nina (Nuisance)- 28, Nina (Acquaintance)- 32, Nina (Awkward Besties)- 36, Nina (Sweetheart)- 41, Alpha (Sweetheart)- 45, Luna (Nuisance)- 48, The Dark One (Frenemy)- 75

Lucky: Ayano (Girlfriend)- lvl 60, Bearverly (Awkward Besties)- 30, Nina (Nuisance)- 28, Nina (Frenemy)- 30, Nina (Girlfriend)- 47, Luna (Girlfriend)- 57, Karma (Friendzoned)- 67, Karma (Girlfriend)- 75

Trivia Edit

  • Making All Hobbies to level 70 will give you some accessories (Crown, Sunglasses, Cape, etc...)

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