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Lil Quill a minor character whose emotions seem to be tied to Quill's.

Her appearance will also change with Quill's when you buy her certain outfits.

This cat is almost always on Quill's shoulder or upper arm during all regular interactions with Quill. However she is not on Quill:

  • During the beach date.
  • In the encounter photo.

The only times Lil Quill is not visible is:

  • During the moonlight stroll date.
  • During the movie date.
  • In the sweetheart photo.
  • In the lover photo.
  • When Quill is wearing her unique outfit or monster girl (Cyber Neko) outfit.
    • Monster girl outfits are no longer available as outfits – Quillzone's appearance matches the Cyber Neko outfit.


Quillbo Baggins

Lil Quill on Kitty Catsanova