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Parallel - Portal

A Strange Portal is opened for you... Are you ready to step into the World of the Unknown?

Parallel Event System (PES) is a feature where you will experience the whole new roster of events with several restrictions (Also holding the Final Reward upon completing the whole Event)

Restrictions/Features of PES:[]

  • You can't use Speed Dating as the Parallel Event System restricted the additional Powers
  • Reset / Speed Bonus are on their own (Not sync with Main Game)
  • Job / Hobby Progress are faster than in Main Game.
  • In PES, it uses Event Currencies instead of Diamonds - which you can purchased via Diamonds.
    • Warning: Event Currencies will be emptied once the respective PES ends. Use it where it's due.
  • Some Rewards via Event Goals (Such as DX Outfits and Special Girls) only be implemented into Main Game when the respective Event ends (Depends on what Event uphold and whatever it's Time-Limited or Special PES)
    • But starting 22nd Jun (With Cassia PES Run), all Event Goals can be implemented immediately after you have claimed them during PES.
  • There's no Pinup related via PES, only cutscenes (which is One-Time Cutscenes: no repeats, no recaps)
  • Attempting to Load the Game when the Parallel Event is progressing will prompt a Warning (As Loading it will lose the entire Progress in PES - Regardless if you have any progress in PES in your save files)
  • It's a One-Time Walkthrough Event with no Prestige (Although PES will be show up from time to time when the respective PES will show up)

Minimal Requirement for entering PES:[]

  • Atleast 15 minutes of playtime, and maybe something else. Further testing and verifying is still required.

Tips on completing PES[]

To prevent any of inconvenience on completing PES, here's some tips for you:

  • Spend your Event Currencies on major requirements such as:
    • Speed Boost (It will make your Job/Hobby Progress faster in the short time)
    • Hobby Gilding (Yes; some Girls requirements need you to Max out Hobbies, and you will need it in short time)
    • Job Gilding (Few Jobs that make the most money, and some Girls required you to Gild at least 1 Job or more)
  • Those requirements are optional depending on situations:
    • Time Blocks (Some Event Goals gave those, and Time Blocks will required lesser as you progress on Job. You won't use much Time Blocks as you maxed out hobbies either.)
    • Time Skip (Just in case you're having issue with Time Management and you're running out of time, a quick boost for your Job/Hobbies)
      • Note: It will be better if you spend on Speed Boost/Job Gilding/Hobby Gilding earlier on and assigned some Time Blocks on whatever things you want to before using Time Skip.
  • DO NOT spend any of Event Currencies on any of the stuffs:
    • Gifts (You can use Money, bro...)
    • Dates (It might have cooldown using Money, but better than use Event Currencies)
    • Excessive Spending on unnecessary items such as Time Blocks as those won't use much as you progress further and it's a test of Item Management.

Parallel Event System Events(Crush Crush):[]

  • Spooky Halloween Event: 28th October - 31st October 2022
    • Final Reward: Cassia
      • Event repeated:
        • 17th January - 20th January 2023 (Nutaku)
        • 22nd Jun - 26th Jun 2023 (All Platforms; Cassia)
  • Frosty Event: 15th December - 20th December 2022
    • Final Reward: Yuki
      • Event repeated:
        • 23rd August to 28th August 2023 (All Platforms)
  • Valentine's Event: 16th February - 20th February 2023
    • Final Reward: Marybelle
      • Event repeated:
        • 21st September - 25th September 2023 (All Platforms)
  • Spring Fling Event: 13th April - 17th April 2023
    • Final Reward: Pepper
      • Event repeated:
        • 15th November - 20th November 2023 (All Platforms)
  • Beach Bash Event: 20th July - 26th July 2023
    • Final Reward: Kira
      • Event repeated:
        • 25th January - 31st January 2024 (All Platforms)
  • Spooky Event 2023: 27th October - 31st October 2023
    • Final Reward: Nightingale
      • Event repeated:
        • 21st March - 25th March 2024 (All Platforms)
  • Frosty Event 2023: 20th December - 25th December 2023
  • Valentine's Event 2024: 12th February - 16th February 2024
  • Spring Fling Event 2024: 15th April - 19th April 2024
  • Beach Bash Event 2024: 28th June - 3rd July 2024