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The Pigeon is a minor character who appears occasionally in various places.

Pigeon has been observed in the following locations:

  • Distracting you while bicycle riding, causing you to crush Cassie.
  • Coming in to land on Quill's hand for bird seed while sightseeing.
  • Being attacked by Ayano with a baseball bat while sightseeing.
  • Lifting up Spectrum's dress.

Several girls also refer to pigeons in their dialogue:

  • Cassie says, "I tried to get pigeons banned from the city, but they are SURPRISINGLY popular."
  • Pamu says, "I wish I was in a better game. Like that one with the pigeons? I freakin love pigeons."
  • As Q-Piddy starts to remember things, she wonders, "Did I throw a pigeon at you to make you crash into a pretty girl?" and hopes the pigeon is okay.
  • Q-Piddy also refers to you (among other nicknames) as her love pigeon.
  • Spectrum emotes: (She is embarrassed that you saw her flank, for some reason, and vows revenge on all pigeons.)

The Pigeon is likely a reference to Hatoful Boyfriend, a pigeon dating simulator, especially in light of Pamu's dialogue.