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Ranma is the fifty-first girl in the game's main tab. She is not part of the main story and you do not need to unlock any other girls to obtain her.


Dialogue List[]

First Meeting[]

  1. You're doing zoo tasks at your zoo job when you see someone acting suspiciously near the red panda enclosure. You approach the criminal, only to be mega distracted by how HAWT she is!
  2. Zoo bars - CRUSHED!
  3. "Good work, whoever you are! Teamwork makes the dream work!" The girl darts into the enclosure, grabs four red pandas, and takes off running as the other zoo staff watch in confusion and despair.
  4. You're not totally sure what just happened, but you follow her, hoping for a debriefing...


  • I want YOU for the Red Panda Army!


  • I'll never forget the way you wrecked those prison bars with your tiny humvee. So brave. So unexpected!
  • Fact: Red pandas are the cutest animal in the world. Fact: I am on a mission to strategically weaponize this cuteness. Fact: Our enemies will fall... And they will LIKE IT!
  • All right, let's see how well you follow orders. At attention, soldier! About face! Now... Do a barrel roll!
  • You work for me now! That means you're going to eat, sleep, and breathe Red Panda Army! Heck, I'll take your other bodily functions too!


  • With all due respect... What on earth are you doing?


  • What the... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is this!?

Upgrade to Nuisance[]

  1. You made a decent first impression, but you've still got to put in the work to earn your stripes. [...]
  2. With that being said: welcome to basic training. The safe word is pineapple. Ha! Just kidding, there is no safe word.


  • I don't know but I've been told, red pandas love snow and cold!


  • I finally have enough soldiers to being Operation Shoots and Leaves! Bring me seven pieces of young spring bamboo and three pieces of wood, on the double. No questions!
  • WAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely... Destroying the status quo and taking over the world by utilizing the irresistible adorableness of the cutest species on the planet! Say it again, y'all!
  • Show some respect, soldier! Lick my boots, or I'll step on you!
  • I'm developing a brand new military strategy. We're going to trick our enemies into turning against one another as a means of weakening them. I call it... Separate and vanquish! No one's ever thought of anything like it before!


  • Aha! Time to practice hand-to-hand combat? Good initiative, soldier!


Upgrade to Frenemy[]

  1. Good work today, soldier. We'll start you off with the rank of Junior Non-Civilian Panda Private. [...]
  2. Here's your badge. Now go dig some holes. It builds character!



  • The pandas have given me an excellent idea! We'll hold the world for ransom and demand... ONE MILLION DIAMONDS!
  • Attention! I have decided to issue tiny uniforms to the red pandas. You can sew, right?
  • My favorite siege weapon is the trebuchet. It can launch 90kg projectiles over 300 meters!
  • Red pandas may be cute, but they also have razor teeth and powerful jaws made for crushing bones! Well, technically for crushing bamboo. Still! They are born for battle!
  • A well-planned exit strategy is one of the keys to survival. For that reason, I have begun digging a secret tunnel under your laundry room.
  • Some say a good offense is the best defense. I say the best defense is being so cute that your enemies have no choice but to surrender.
  • What shall I do today? Hmm... Well, probably the same thing I do every day. Try to take over the world!


  • Ah! Rations. Excellent. I'll share these out among the troops!


(Same as Nuisance)

Upgrade to Acquaintance[]

  1. You're doing well so far, soldier. You've earned a new rank: Corporal On Guard For Pandas!
  2. Your responsibilities now include daily bugle calls, laundry services, and teaching the red pandas to sing our glorious motherland's national anthem. Good luck!


  • Situation report: the world is a mess! And I just... Need to rule it!


(Same as Frenemy)


(Same as Nuisance)


  • Aahaha! Stop right now! That's an order!

Upgrade to Friendzoned[]

  1. Another successful day soldier! I hereby award you the rank of Semi-Sergeant of the Fourth Panda Platoon!
  2. No one has ever risen through the ranks so quickly before. You're a good soldier, and... I'd be proud to call you a comrade.


  • Hm, You're 6.9 seconds late. You know what that means - drop and me a thousand pushups!


  • Help me think of a new battle cry. Currently it's "Awaken, warriors!" - but yawning, bleary-eyed pandas don't exactly strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.
  • A new litter of red panda cubs has been born at the zoo! This is not a drill, I repeat - there are new pandas to liberate!
  • Wanna see my new tactical flashlight? What about my awesome tactical sunglasses? I promise you, they're MILITARY TOUGH! I ordered them from a late-night infomercial!
  • I'm bored. Hmmmm. Wanna play chess? What about capture-the-flag? Ooh, we could storm a castle! *Gasp* WE COULD START A COUP!
  • I have made a motivational poster with a red panda's face on it. Now take it to the print-shop and make ten thousand copies! Let us harness the power of kawaii propaganda!
  • Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. Keep your pandas closest of all, because they're very fluffy and super nice to hug. Err, I mean, they're good insulation during cold-weather ops!
  • Today's training exercise was FUBAR. The troops just wanted to snack and roll around on the ground! Then we all ended up cuddling and napping the afternoon away. No self-discipline whatsoever.


  • You shouldn't have. No, really. Military spending is already exorbitant.


(Same as Acquaintance and Nuisance)

Upgrade to Awkward Besties[]

  1. Excellent work today, comrade. I'm pleased to award you the rank of Senior Sub-Lieutenant of Panda Propaganda.
  2. We can do it! Pandas around the world unite! Keep calm and continue being adorable!

Awkward Besties[]

  • I didn't see you at camouflage training this morning, comrade! Good job!


  • I got you a set of clip-on panda ears... You're going to look so cute! I mean - consider them part of your uniform, soldier! Comrade! Gah!
  • Thanks to their extremely flexible ankles, red pandas can easily climb head first down trees. Isn't that incredible? They're the perfect little guerilla combatants!
  • Grr. I accidentally spent all day taking selfies with the troops instead of practicing drills. Those pandas are so cute even I can't help falling victim to their ridiculous charms!


(Same as Friendzoned)


(Same as Acquaintance)

Upgrade to Crush[]

  1. Well done comrade. You've earned the rank of Overhyped Colonel-General of the Panda Flotilla Battalion!
  2. What? No I'm not just making up wordy titles! Question me again and I'll strip you back down to Junior Panda Privateer or whatever it was.


  • Ten-hut! Prepare for inspection! You look... Fine! Very fine indeed.


  • Some days I just want to lay on a tree branch and nap in the sun... But the world's not going to take over itself, now, is it? Let's get back to work!
  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to brush the red pandas. Including me. Looking our best is an important tactical advantage!
  • Red alert! I repeat, Red Panda Alert! Stop everything and look at how adorable they are. Eeeeheehee!
  • Time for an impromptu strategy lesson. The most famous tip is "never get involved in a land war in Asia," but only slightly less well-known is this: "never go in against something as adorable as a Red Panda!"
  • Do you like my tail? It's advantageous for balance and warmth. Also... It's SO FLUFFY!


  • Tanks! I mean... Thanks! Heh, I guess I've got tanks on the brain. Can you blame me? Tanks are awesome.


  • Ha! Careful comrade... I have no problem launching a counterattack.

Upgrade to Sweetheart[]

  1. Fantastic work today, comrade. Your new official rank is Supreme Panda Chief Warmonger!
  2. Peace was never an option! Only fiery-red rage and passion! OORAH!


  • You, comrade, are an officer AND a gentle-person.


  • Permission to speak freely? I find you very attractive, and... I would not be opposed to kissing you.
  • Join me for an MRE? That's Meal, Ready to Eat. This is me asking you on a dinner date, comrade. Yes or no?
  • I have tactfully acquired some heavy-duty paracord. Perfect for tying up enemies! Or lovers. But that can wait til the end of the war.
  • Do you like looking at my chest candy? Get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about my ribbons and medals, of course!


  • This means more to me than all of the medals I've ever received. FYI, I've awarded myself a LOT of medals, so you should definitely feel special.


  • (Same as Crush)

Upgrade to Girlfriend[]

  1. Remarkable performance, comrade. I am officially awarding you the rank of Rear Admiral... Don't get any funny ideas!
  2. YOU are a very bad influence on my professionalism! Grr... Forget it. Let's go snap some cute pics of the red pandas. For training purposes!


  • Effective comms are the key to a successful field op - and relationship.


(Same as Sweetheart)


(Same as Sweetheart)


  • Ack! Hahaha - no fair! You ambushed me!

Upgrade to Lover[]

  1. You have far exceeded my expectations, comrade. So much so that I have created a whole new rank for you. I call it... Panda Paramour.
  2. Now kiss me. That's an order.


  • Today, I'd like to try something new. Something take-over-the-world-y. Something... Fun! Wanna make out?
  • Time for your physical fitness test. Drop and give me twenty! Kisses, that is. Heehee!
  • I'm about to drop a bombshell on you. Ready? I... Love you. Ka-boom!
  • Maybe there is more to life than war. I mean, I still love tanks and stuff! But... Maybe I can let the pandas live their little panda lives in peace. For you.
  • My heart feels like it's under siege...


  • My favorite panda plushie is MIA! I swear, if someone took it, I'm gonna be on a warpath! I cannot sleep without Sergeant Fluffles.
  • Basic training is an intensive process meant to instill a strong bond of mutual loyalty in soldiers. But nothing could be as strong as the bond between you and I.
  • Look at you, standing at attention. Beautiful form.
  • I experienced a somewhat parachute drop earlier, landing hard on my fourth point of contact. That's my butt, FYI. Now, I command you to massage me!
  • Could we... Visit the red panda sanctuary? I've been missing the troops ever since letting go of the whole "taking over the world" thing.
  • I have discovered a new hobby. Paintball! It's like war, but with a whole spectrum of rainbow colors! Y'know, instead of just... Red.
  • That blue-haired civilian at the animal sanctuary seemed quite relieved when I returned the red pandas we liberated. It was a nice reminder of what a good leader I am.
  • We should go travelling together. As civilians. It'll be so... What's that word? Relaxing! Yes, I want to try that!
  • You really broke down the walls around my heart. You're like... My own personal demolitions expert! Heehee.
  • Report to the mess hall at 0700! I mean... Please join me in the kitchen at... Around 7 o'clock? For a home-cooked breakfast. Sorry, I'm still getting used to this more laid-back, couple-y lifestyle.
  • You've given my life a new purpose. I know, now, that war isn't the answer to everything. I'm still going to keep the uniform, though. It's custom tailored, and it makes me feel like a badass.
  • Pet my tail! That's an orde- err, official request. Please? I love you!
  • I've been re-reading that big famous book - you know, the one that's about war, but also about peace? I used to skip the "peace" sections, but ever since meeting you... I have a new appreciation for them.
  • I'm on a reconnaissance mission. I'm gathering intel about your likes and dislikes, so that I can ambush you later with a... What do they call it? Surprise party? Gah! I wasn't supposed to tell you any of that!
  • I could totally achieve world domination if I wanted to. I just don't want to anymore. Because I have you.
  • Lower your defenses! Incoming barrage of kisses! Mwah! Mwah! MWAH!
  • I have decided to dedicate myself to a new cause: red panda conservation! I'm going to help that blue-haired civilian from the sanctuary with her next fundraiser. She mentioned something about bikinis and dirty cars? You should come!
  • You make me feel so... At peace. It's a weird feeling and I don't know if I like it!
  • They should make an action figure based on me. G.I. Ranma! The motherland's moveable fighting lady!
  • Life is pretty uneventful when you're not trying to take over the world. Standby to standby, am I right?
  • I can't believe how disorganized this civilian lifestyle is. You regularly sleep past 0500 hours, you don't wear a uniform, and OH, don't even get me started on the slapdash way you fold your towels! It's a good thing we're together now, so I can show you the way.
  • Kilroy was here! I don't know what that means, but it's a war thing so I like it.
  • Our relationship is like bamboo. It's strong, resilient, flexible... And delicious! Hmm, maybe that analogy makes less sense than I thought.
  • I love you like the steadfast tin soldier loves the paper ballerina. No matter what happens, we will be together in the end.
  • Let me show you to properly sleep in a tree. You have to sort of drape yourself, like that, and then... ZzzzZzzz...
  • Psst... I'm going "commando" today. I thought it might interest you to know that.
  • You might not have fuzzy ears or a stripey tail, but you're just as precious to me as all the red pandas in the world! Oh no... Now I'm thinking about how few red pandas there are in the world. Now I am a sad panda.
  • Join me for a fifteen mile hike and five hundred pushups? It's a date!
  • There are medals for bravery, for honor, for selflessness in war... But there's no medal for love. So I have made one just for you. I call it Ranma's Heart, because that's what you have earned.


  • YES! Thank you for the epic morale boost. Mwah!
  • Standby for emotional confession... I never knew I could be this happy. Thank you so, so, much.
  • This is incredible! How did you know? Have you secretly been gathering intel on me?
  • I'm not sure how useful this will be in a tactical situation... But I love it anyway! Eee! Thank you!
  • [School Uniform] My uniform is half an inch shorter than standard issues. Well? Are you going to discipline me?
  • [Bathing Suit] I'm ready for shore leave!
  • [Diamond Ring] I, Ranma, do solemnly affirm that I will support and defend YOU against all enemies... That I will stand by your side and love you forever... According to the code of the Red Panda Army. Mwa!
  • [Holiday Outfit] Well, it's not exactly appreciate for winter warfare, but I'll admit... it IS cute. We'll just have to skip any snowball fights and stay inside by the toasty-warm fire.
  • [Lingerie] Bet you never thought you'd see a bustier made out of military-grade aluminum, huh?
  • [Birthday Suit]


  • I am well-trained to resist any and all interrogation techniques! You can't break meee-aahahaha!
  • Aaahaha! Nooo! Heehee! This is an act of mutiny!


[Moonlight Stroll][]

  • I love night combat. The element of surprise is strong. If only I'd brought my night vision goggles. Next time!

[Movie Theater][]

  • That was the most unrealistic war movie I've ever seen! Those troops had no discipline, no respect, they didn't even- huh? It wasn't a war movie? Oh. Well then. I withdraw my complaints and look forward to doing this again.


  • Excellent work location scouting today. Our soldiers will be well-camouflaged amongst all this red foliage.


  • I didn't think I would enjoy a demilitarized zone like the beach, but in fact, that was quite relaxing.

Sex Scene[]

  1. Ranma undresses. "I'm at your service. Go ahead, order me around." You start by telling her to pleasure herself. She does, her small whimpers turning to moans as she grows visibly wet. The way she moves is like nothing you've seen before, and soon you can't resist joining in.
  2. After hours of lovemaking, you finally break apart. Ranma shoots you a saucy glance. "I hope you know we're just getting started. I'll give you two minutes to catch your breath, then it's back to your post. Mwah!" This is one call to arms you can't ignore!

Dialogue about Ayeka[]

  • This strange, emotionless young woman has been following me. Do you think she wants to enlist in the Red Panda Army?
  • Keep your head on a swivel, soldier! There's an enemy on our tail...
  • A young lady approached me with a knife. I handed her a potato and told her to start peeling
  • Someone stabbed my pillow and left the knife in my bunk. The worst part is they messed up my perfect 45 degree corner folds, and now I've got to remake the whole bed! Grr.
  • Watch your six. I don't know if that girl is gathering intel or planning an assassination attempt, but either way - I hope she knows she's fighting a losing battle.
  • Someone ironed an extra crease into my unform! I hope whoever did this knows that this means war!

Requirement Table[]

Relationship Level Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Requirement 4 Rewards
Adversary Motivation Lvl 15 Job (Zoo - Red Panda Helper) Tools x60 3 diamond
Nuisance Buff Lvl 25 Job (Zoo - Red Panda Lord) Fruit Basket x160 3 diamond
Frenemy Badass Lvl 33 Plushy Toy x1 Laser x9 3 diamond
Acquaintance Tenderness Lvl 35 Job (Hunting - One Man Army) Shoes x15 3 diamond
Friendzone Buff Lvl 42 Laser x8.000 Moonlight Stroll x20 3 diamond
Awkward Besties Badass Lvl 57 Drone x750 Beach x40 3 diamond
Crush Jet x1.000 Magic Candles x2 Sightseeing x60 3 diamond
Sweetheart Motivation Lvl 69 Enchanted Scarf x10 Movie Theater x80 3 diamond
Girlfriend Tenderness Lvl 72 Bewitched Jam x5 Mystery Slippers x3 10 diamonds
Lover You did it! 34 diamonds



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