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Stats tab

The Stats page can be found by clicking on the fourth tab from the left at the bottom of the screen. The Stats screen is separated into three sections - a visual representation of your avatar, a 'STATS' portion, and a 'RESET' portion. This is different from the 'Stats' button found on the 'Guys' page, which offers details on the currently selected guy.


The leftmost section is a representation of your avatar. The gender can be selected at the bottom of the section, with the male and female symbols. The only differences between them are that the female avatar has breasts and eyelashes. The avatar can be further customized with the "Avatar Items' section, found below.


Under the 'STATS' header, there is the 'Avatar Items' section, where you can select cosmetic items for your avatar, and the 'Numbers' section, where you can find lifetime statistics.

Avatar Items[]

This section allows you to customize the avatar to the left. There are four items in a section, and four sections. The arrows on the side allow you to switch between sections. Currently, you can select one item per section by clicking on it. You can unselect an item by clicking on it again.

  • Hairstyles
  • Headwear - baseball cap, ear headband, bowler hat, flower
  • Face-wear - heart glasses, regular glasses, mustache, whiskers
  • Body Accessory - cross-body bag, neckerchief, bow tie, tail


  • Time Blocks - The total number of time blocks available to you
  • Total Money Earned - All the money you have earned in your lifetime (every previous reset + your current reset)
  • Boys Met - The number of boys you've encountered in your current reset
  • Hearts Earned - All the hearts you have earned in your lifetime
  • Dates Taken - All the dates you have taken in your lifetime
  • Gifts Given - All the gifts you've given in your lifetime

The final three statistics (hearts, dates, and gifts) are useful for tracking your progress towards their relevant achievements.


The rightmost portion of the screen shows the current values that concern resetting, and a brief explanation of the benefits. By selecting the question mark near 'More Info', there is a more detailed breakdown available.

Moving down the page, next to the blue pentagon is your cumulative reset boost. This number builds up as you continue to soft reset your game. The multiplier on the far side of the section is how much the reset boost is multiplied by.

The next lowest section, next to the plus sign, is the bonus that will be added to your reset boost when you soft reset.

The buttons near the bottom are to "Reset' - gaining the current boost and returning to the beginning stage (with only Nimh unlocked) - and a button with 30 diamonds. This button is to add the current boost but remain at whatever stage you currently are.


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