The Summer Beach Balls were scattered and hidden throughout the entire game (Total 14 of them). If a player managed to find all 14 Summer Beach Balls, they will be rewarded with a sexy pin-up picture. Finding each Beach Ball can be bypassed by spending 10 diamonds on one Beach Ball, or 100 diamonds for all of them by using the "Get'er Done" button.

Event Duration: 23 June - 7 July 2017

Rewards Edit

  • 40 Diamonds
  • Sexy Pin Up Picture

Beach Ball Spots Edit

These may not be in order, they'll be checked one by one.

Ball #1 Edit

  • Behind any dialogue box, grab it by making the box transparent.

Ball #2 Edit

Ball #3 Edit

  • End of Avatar Items List (Find in Stats section: then click right through the options to the caps)

Ball #4 Edit

  • Inside Credit Scene (Covering Cody Vigue's face)

Ball #5 Edit

  • Full Reset Confirmation Box (Find in More section)

Ball #6 Edit

  • Legal Picture (Job screen)

Ball #7 Edit

Ball #8 Edit

  • Beach date with Iro

Ball #9 Edit

  • Summer Event Window (where you're counting Beach Balls)

Ball #10 Edit

  • Pigeon Scene (You need to soft reset in order to find it)

Ball #11 Edit

  • Plushy Toy Gift on Nutaku's requirements

Ball #12 Edit

  • Reach Lover Level on Alpha and talk to her.

Ball #13 Edit

  • Poke Bearverly (Before Friendzone) and the Beach Ball will appear from the flames

Ball #14 Edit

  • Offline earnings screen, on Q-Piddy's head.

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