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7 Summer Fling Items were scattered throughout the game, but the item will come one-by-one for 7 days (1 item per day). Search the item before it's gone within the period (26th July - 2nd August 2017) in order to unlock chain of rewards for free.

Every Item will cost 10 diamonds each, OR you can surpass the event for 50 diamonds using the "Get'em Done" Button.

Tier Rewards[]

  • 3 items found: 1 Time Block
  • 5 items found: 1 Time Block + Exclusive Outfit for Mio
  • 7 items found: 1 Time Block + Pin-up Photo

Hidden Item List[]

The Crown(Day 1)[]

  • Hidden inside Settings (VFX Volume)

Snacks(Day 2)[]

  • Hidden in the Fast Food Achievement (do not require any level)

The Cap(Day 3)[]

  • Programmer Panda wearing this cap (3rd image in Credits)

Sushi Roll(Day 4)[]

  • Sushi Roll on Nina's reminisce screen Or Sushi Roll is under tea cup when you first meet Nina (in memory album)

Ice-Cream(Day 5)[]

  • Hidden in the beach date with Cassie, in the fruit bowl

Blue Raccoon(Day 6)[]

  • Hidden in Alpha's hair after unlocking Lover Level scene (memory album)

Arrow and Bow(Day 7)[]

  • Hidden in the FAQ in the more tab Q-Pernikiss (Q-Piddy) is holding it in her hand on the bottom right of FAQ screen