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The Time Travel Glitch is exactly that. It's a glitch that allows you to effectively "time travel" and instantly gain a few days, months, or even years of progress in a matter of seconds. GLITCH IS NOW PATCHED!


Time traveling is essentially done Animal Crossing-style. Just fast-forward to the time/date you want by changing the time settings on your computer. Then open up Crush Crush and revel in the glorious gains to your Money and Stats.


  • You do not gain any progress for going back in time. Thankfully, you don't lose any either.
  • Even with time travel, you can only bank 7 days worth of progress.
    • If you time travel while the game is open you can save up unlimited progress. Just don't overdo it or the whole game will freeze.
    • Norton Antivirus has issues when you travel for 7 days or more. It doesn't do anything, it just gets annoying.
  • It is recommended that you save before and after you time-travel, to prevent data loss of anything.
  • This also works on the Kongregate and Nutaku versions.
    • Note that above a certain level, the Nutaku version time glitch only works once every real-life hour.
  • This glitch is likely to be patched out by the devs at some point.

How to Time travel, if you don't know how[]

From the Apple menu, open System Preferences

  1. Click the Date & Time icon, or open the View menu and click Date & Time. If the padlock at the bottom of the window is closed, click it and enter an administrator name and password. Select the Date & Time tab, if it isn't already selected.
  2. Select Set date & time automatically: to set your date and time according to one of Apple's Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.
  3. Select the Time Zone tab. If the system is unable to determine your location automatically, uncheck Set time zone automatically using current location so you can manually set your location. On the world map, select your time zone region. From the "Closest City:" drop-down list, choose Indianapolis for Eastern Time or Chicago for Central Time.

On Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 - 

Way 1: Change date and time in the Control Panel.

1: Click the bottom-right clock icon on the desktop, and tap "Change date and time settings" in the pop-up small window.

2: As the Date and Time window opens, click "Change date and time" to continue.

Tip: You can also follow the path of Control Panel/Clock, Language, and Region/Date and Time to open the above-mentioned window.

3: In the Date and Time Settings window, respectively change date and time, and then tap OK to confirm the changes.

Way 2: Change date and time in PC settings.

1: Access PC settings

2: Open Time and language.

3: Click Change on the right to move on.

4: Modify date and time, and tap Change to bring the changes into effect.