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My adminning style

Hello, I am usually Eaves, but sometimes I am only Not-not-Eaves (there is a distinction between a statement and its double-negation in intuitionist logic). I'm a bit of a nerd. I know. Real shocker there, after that parenthetical aside. I've played Crush Crush on Nutaku since around the beginning of Spring, 2018, and started gathering data to optimize my playing experience when I realized in October, "There's probably a wiki for that." Lo and behold, there was. And if you are reading this, there still is! Amazing!

I began to keep a personal record of Daily and Weekly Events in mid-November 2018, so far missing only 3 days in June 2019 and 2 days in June 2020 due to being AFK.

I became an admin on this wiki early April 2019. While I still do regular editor stuff, mostly what that title means is I help to keep this place running smoothly from behind the scenes.

Current Crush Crush Wikia Mod Team:

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These picturelinks JerenSoon made amuse me entirely too much. (*^_^*)

Some tips[]

  • When uploading files, using a descriptive name helps to make the wiki easier to maintain, especially when an uploaded file appears on multiple pages.
    • Please give proper attribution when uploading images!
    • Please also note that NSFW images are not allowed on this wiki, even when they are not included in any pages.
  • When starting a new page, adding links to related pages helps keep this wiki easy to navigate.
  • Don't annoy the admins break the rules. We're pretty laid back, but there are consequences for not following this tip. (:
    • A lot of it is about being a decent human being to your fellow human beings, but there are a few rules that are specific to this community, too.
  • Links to other FANDOM wikis' pages can be accomplished with [[w:c:<wiki name>:<page name>|<hypertext>]]. This code is a bit shorter than the general external links code.

My TO DO list[]

  • Phone fling conversations. Many thanks to Qwerty2020 for all the amazing help here!
    1. Peanut – DONE!
    2. Wendy – Unmerge second and third conversations!
    3. Generica – Unmerge second conversation!
    4. Lotus – DONE!
    5. Sofia – DONE!
    6. Caitlin – DONE!
    7. Ruri – DONE!
    8. Miss Desirée – DONE! (Check for ingame typo fixes)
    9. Honey – DONE!
    10. Sawyer – DONE!
    11. Lake – DONE!
    12. Willow – DONE!
    13. Nova – Double-check the phone call, but probably DONE!
    14. Blanche – DONE! (except some Mobile version placeholders – is this still the case?)
    15. Babybelle – DONE!
    16. Renée – DONE!
    17. Francine – DONE!
    18. Mur – DONE!
    19. Amelia – DONE!
    20. Dr. Fumi – DONE!
    21. The Dark One – DONE!
    22. Q-Pernikiss – I... don't remember what the latest progress was, but I think it's done.
  • It seems Paintpot typically finishes the Blush Blush phone fling conversations before I can get to them (Mmmmm seems to have stepped up in Paintpot's absence, and Tinynanami has created several of the pages with the right boilerplate recently). These are not crossed off because I'm not checking them as closely once the full conversations are added:
    1. Cashew – DONE!
    2. Boss – DONE!
    3. Felix – DONE!
    4. Reece – DONE!
    5. Ace – DONE!
    6. Ferris – DONE!
    7. Poe – DONE!
    8. Logan – DONE!
    9. Finn – DONE!
    10. Leo – DONE!
    11. Seth – DONE!
    12. Jaxon – DONE!
    13. Drake – DONE!
    14. Theo – DONE!
    15. Basil – DONE!
    16. Fabian – in progress!
  • Add info to the Phone Flings lists about how to unlock additional conversations, where applicable.
  • Split the Phone Flings category page into two Phone Flings pages, keeping the general info on the category page.
    • Tweak top nav to point to the new pages rather than (or as well as) the category page.
  • Write up a formatting guidelines and best practices page. Should be compatible with Wiki merger stuff bullets below.
    • Standardizing the formatting of each girl's page. (resp. guy's, cat's)
      • I have a generic sketch of my vision of how it should look in my sandbox.
      • Create a (protected) blank character page (like this blank LTE girl page) once the look has been decided upon, linked from the formatting guidelines page. (Girls and Guys should be pretty similar, I think, though the infoboxes will obviously be a bit different...)
    • Similar standard formatting for Phone Fling girls and guys, though different from other characters' pages, for obvious reasons.
      • Figure out how the formatting will work for "ascended" Phone Fling girls before they start appearing in November. Before? Hahahahaha! See Peanut for example formatting, though.
      • Similarly, see Fumi for example formatting of girls that go the other way around.
    • How-to for everything that needs updating when a new character appears.
      • New Character page (including categories).
      • Girls/Guys page: Add link to the Character page, update the character count, and remove new character from the list of known upcoming characters, if applicable.
      • Hobbies page: preferred trait table update, hobby level requirements for advancing the relationship.
      • Jobs page: jobs level requirements for advancing the relationship.
      • Store page, if the character is available through the store.
  • Wiki merger stuff?
    • Blush Blush wiki has been merged and closed. – DONE!
    • Start working towards a Kitty Catsanova wiki merger – ON HOLD: may as well wait until after Steam release.
    • It looks like there isn't a Hush Hush wiki yet. – Keep an eye on Hush Hush progress and add content when relevant.
    • JS/CSS magic to set the appropriate background depending on whether the page is Crush Crush, Blush Blush, or both (etc.?) – ON HOLD: testing so far hasn't worked. Also, I don't have SFW Blush Blush background assets.
  • Official Wiki stuff?
    • Submit request for Fandom to contact SPS about making this wiki official – DONE!
    • Wait to hear back from someone about it – . . .