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It's you! The protagonist of this game.

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Look at you, you little marshmallow!


You are a... white, blobbish... marshmallow man... woman... thing. You can freely change your hairstyle, change accessories and even your gender from the Stats tab instantly.

When you start the game/prestige reset, you look like a hobo in the park with facial hair and everything. Building up money, Hobby levels, and Relationships will make your face look more anime-like.

According to Ayeka, you're 103 lbs, 4 ft 2 inches, and have a birthmark on your right heel.

You also have a really nice butt, according to the other girls. To date:

  • Cassie has complained about how your jeans drown out your butt.
  • Mio has desired a person with decent mid-control and a nice butt. Though it is not entirely clear if this refers to you at that point.
  • Nutaku wishes you call her "cake". Because she'll go straight to your butt.
  • Fumi has stared at it. Without her fancy future-tech glasses that lets her see you without clothes.
  • Alpha suffers processing errors just staring at it.
  • Luna summoned a doll that looks like exactly you, that has the cutest butt.
  • Q-Pernikiss (Q-Piddy) desires it.
  • Darya made a macaroni picture of it instead of working on a complex algorithm.
  • Shibuki notices you have a cute butt and believes you use it as a distraction technique.
  • Iro says Sawyer's butt is nice, but doesn't compare to yours.

Your marshmallow appearance may also help endear you to the girls:

  • Odango says her favorite treat is rice Krispie's treats, which is rice mixed with marshmallows (her other favorite treat).
  • Sirina thinks you have a beautiful marshmallow face and stares at it, interrupting her facial recognition ID.
  • Catara wants to eat you all up because of your marshmallow-y plumpness.
  • Roxxy compares you to a marshmallow, calling you sweet and scrumptious.


Literally none, outside of a few moments here and there. You take a casual attitude to things, considering how you can protest while performing vigilantism and surfing at the same time, while taking the time to slay demons and date a bear. You also seem to be pretty carefree, almost to the point of ignorance, such as protesting the oxford comma. You are generally pretty nice to people though, only hurting them on accident (although often). When Jelle isn't busy absorbing it, you also take care of a garden.


You somehow have the ability to splice extra hours into your day. As long as you have the required "time blocks", you are capable of performing as many Jobs, Hobbies, and Dates as you wish. Now you can become a demon slayer who surfs in space while flipping burgers and taking your not-Vocaloid girlfriend to the movies.

You may also have extreme material wealth, allowing you to pay for almost anything using only 1 Diamond, becoming the primary driving force of the economy by the time Q-Piddy falls in love with you.

In spite of your absurd capabilities, it is surprisingly difficult for you to make a good first impression on a girl. To date, you have:

In fact, the only characters who DON'T have a terrible first meeting with you almost always ruin YOUR day, listed below:

The "You" in Blush Blush[]

Working as Zoo's Senior Rehydration Engineer (and you created a massive mess around the Zoo - by giving the Boys the Magical Water), you have the ability to revert the Cursed Boys back to their own original selves - with Love.


  • You're canonically (nick)named "Marshmallow", due to your short, white, chubby figure. However, some people have other nicknames for you.
    • Sofia calls you "Melon".
    • Elle calls you "Panda Paws".
    • Bonnibel calls you "Sugar", "Sugar cookie" and "Sweet cheeks".
    • Babybelle calls you "huckleberry".
    • Marybelle calls you "tumbleweed".
  • Marshmallow has apparently attended the same unnamed high school as Ayano and Generica, but nothing else is known about their education.
  • Given that Ayano refers to you as "senpai", Marshmallow should be at least 19 years old, unless they were allowed to skip grades for some reason. Given that Generica also refers to Marshmallow as "senpai", they should be at least 20 years old - again, barring skipped grades or the use of "senpai" as a nickname.
  • Renée mentions the two of you met when your respective families took you to Hot Chocolate Lake, implying that Marshmallow has (or had) family, foster parents or caretakers of some other sort during their childhood. This does beg the question why your first visual representation is as a hobo, living in a tent in the park.
  • Sirina mentions your mother in her dialogue, showing that you have some form of mother figure in your life, although it is unclear if you two are close.
  • Marshmallow apparently has a nice voice, which grows more potent as you continue to advance. While Iro only mentions your voice "gives her funny feelings in her tummy", Bonnibel already compares listening to Marshmallow talk to her to "being wrapped in velvet", and by the time you acquire Sirina its power has grown to the point that it warps reality and transforms her from a phone app into a full creature.
  • Vellatrix sorts Marshmallow into House Bread when they attend Snogwarts. Bread seems to be an analogue to House Hufflepuff of the Harry Potter-franchise, as it has none of the defining qualities of the other three Houses (in this continuity, Brave Beavers, Sneaky Penguins and Snobby Cats), and this could be considered to be a not so subtle insult. This backfires somewhat, as unlike any of the animals, bread is a staple food and daily necessity that helps keep society going, just as Marshmallow eventually becomes a driving force of the economy.